What about nominating Thimbleweed Park for a Steam Award?

I know absolutely zero about how Steam Awards work, but I’ve understood that each steam user can nominate any game: you just log in, go to the store page of a game and click the button “Nominate this game for an award”. Then select the kind of award you want nominate the game for.

This is the page that lists and describes the available awards and several of them are completely incomprehensible to me, because of their almost meaningless names. Descriptions help a bit, but not much:


What would be a good award for Thimbleweed Park?

Maybe the “Labor of Love” award? Or maybe the “Even Better Than I Expected” award?

Good Idea.
“Even better than I expected”, nominated.

I back a lot of video games on Kickstarter and always keep my expectations as low as possible, which works really great. I’m very good at ignoring hype, most of the time at least.

But when following TWP (as a fan, you know), reading the blog etc… I actually had high expectations… And it met my expectations. That’s very awesome!
Such award my not sound so good though.

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I think the best category could be “no apologies”. But “even better” is good as well.

Let’s just decide ONE category together in order to get the maximum revenue from our votes.

Whoops I already voted :neutral_face:

“The World is bad enough” or whatever it is called in English is appropriate too, I think.

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“What, me worry?” Would be a good award then, too.