What does ELEV 14 mean?

I searched but didn’t find the answer : what does ELEV 14 mean ?
POP 80 is for sure : Population 80, in reference of the 80 chars of the city.
But ELEV 14 ? The number of floors at the hotel ? (Elevator 14 ?).
Thanks for your hints.

Elev means “Elevation” and indicates the height above sea level.

I did wonder though, is that 14 feet? Yards? Miles?

Despite being from the pre Alps region I gotta admit I´m not good at these in general (we also don´t write it on our town signs unless it´s REALLY high) and even if I knew the exact way of measurement I still couldn´t tell if that is high in releation to other places.

You’ll be at 300 m or more. I’m at something like 4 or 5.


Yup, just checked it´s around 340.



Anyway, feet is the regular measurement for height in the US afaik, except that’d put this mountainous region at western Benelux-level heights of <10 m, meaning it’s either a pretty darned deep valley or right next to the ocean. But even in yards/meters it would be rather low. 14 chains (~281 m) would seem more likely, except that, well, no one uses chains.

Putting it floating in the air (14 miles) might explain a lot. It ought to be worth theorizing about, anyway.

Excellent. :slight_smile:

How about el?

@kaiman will know where this is. :wink:

If my memory serves me right, in USA the elev is in feet, but there is no actual system to figure out how the elevation is calculated… and from what, as the reference point can be the sea level or local church or basically anything…

I just checked and I live 2 m from the sea level, so that’s 6’ 6¾”.

It seems like the elevation in Italy is calculated at the ground floor of the Town Hall.

Cagliari (the town I was born in) is officially at 4m and Quartu (the neighboring town I grew up in) at 6m, so Cagliari is technically lower than Quartu despite the fact that the highest point in Quartu is, according to Google Earth, 17m… while Cagliari has hills that go up to 150m.

They should make an average on the whole territory, not just a single point. Or, elevation + variance.

I thought height above sea level was a worldwide thing? At least on wikipedia (also in atlas books) you can look it up for every place in the world.

I thought that too. :slight_smile:

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I know for sure that height in the US is also (normally) relative to mean sea level.