What Google knows about me

Suggestions based on my last search attempts:

I don’t know how to interpret these results… :smile:


Somebody at Google must think you a very odd person :slight_smile: . Or maybe they just know you frequent this forum.

The question though is how do you even get that list without entering any search term? Didn’t work for me, but maybe it’s just miffed 'cause I do most of my searches with Startpage. Or I actually disabled it with some kind of privacy setting.

And lastly, why would they use three different terms to classify video games? Algorithms these days …


It only works in a specific case: Open a new tab, open google.com and click into the search field.


I just see my past 10 searches, not suggestions. Maybe some setting?

For me it´s the last ten searches too.

No, they are suggestions. I haven’t searched for any of the games or Ron. Are you logged in to/with Google?

Same here, last 10 searches, I’m logged in Google.

I don’t believe you! :smile:


Maybe this is the problem? I’m not logged in. :thinking:

Given that new bit of information, I tried in a private window. Still nothing, until I clicked on English were it said the search would be available in other languages as well. Then this popped up:


Just four, seemingly unrelated, and certainly not even close to my own personal interests. But I must say, got me curious who or what cardano ada is :wink: .

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Me too! :smile:

I really don’t know why Google behaves like that. Every time I click into the field I get “suggestions” and not “trending searches”. :slight_smile:

Cardano is a cryptocurrency, whose short name is ADA.

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I get the trending searches too, but nothing of my interest