What is Ron et Al 's next adventure game for 2018?

So, what do you think?


A release in 2018 would be awesome, of course.
Joking aside, if they really start to create another adventure game this year, I hope that it will have a point & click interface. But, they should include “fresh” ideas, because there have been so many discussions about why TWP didn’t reach a wider audience that it would be irrational not to rethink the game’s concept. Also, Ron himself wrote that he would not use a verbs UI once again and that he had some ideas in terms of the GUI. So, I’m also curious about what he has in mind with the UI.

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Very unlikely to see anything in 2018… It’s also not clear what type of game he will make next :man_shrugging:

I heard he’s working on a new game called Toilet Paper Over.

I imagine it looks like this:

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Another possibility I accidentally watched a few weeks ago:

There even are bobble heads as well.

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OK, thanks for the answers ! (and the 11-hour youtube video :wink: ) I guess no one has a clue then. haha

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