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Next game from TT?

So, I haven’t been following what Terrible Toybox is doing these days. Can someone, well not just @someone, anyone :stuck_out_tongue: sum up what is known (if anything) about the next game. Is anything confirmed? or at least rumors?


More than rumors: TT was searching for an art director. So we know that they are working on a new adventure game - but that’s all, I fear.

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Ah ok. Thanks. That’s all I knew, I was hoping for something else :cry:

I just know they didn’t reply to my application :stuck_out_tongue: maybe next time.

I know I don’t know.

How do you know that you don’t know?

He’s Socrates.



Sorry. I’m new here… even though I’ve been reading a bunch of stuff since 2017. Never took the time to create an account before today. So it might seems I’m coming from nowhere.
Also, English is not my native langage, so I apologize in advance.
I just wanted to say that I’m also excited for this potential future game.
It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, about the rumors… In August 2020, the official Twitter account of Thimbleweed Park said they were looking for an art director for a brand new 2D P&C adventure game. That’s where the rumor comes from, so, at that time at least, we can be pretty sure that TT was working on something.
Someone replied to the tweet and asked when will we know more about the game. The account replied that making a game takes a long time and that we will not hear about it until, at least, a year… so maybe now, maybe later.
There is one issue though… The tweet doesn’t exist anymore. It was deleted. So either they want to be very discreet about it, either, and it would be sad, the project was canceled.
… Or either I’m just crazy and don’t remember things correctly - and that would be sad, as well.
Anyway… Now, I’m leaving. I’m sure my English is terrible, and I feel awkward.


AFAIR you are right.

Somewhere Ron said that he won’t tell anything about his/a next game until it’s (nearly) finished. So I hope that he’s still working on a new game.


Didn’t he drop hints on his blog that it’s some kind of RPG?

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I thought he dropped that idea - because the job offering was explicitly for an adventure game … :thinking:

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Yes. I remember them specifically talking about a “brand new 2D P&C adventure game”.
I’m paraphrasing, though. Pretty sure they also said it would be “old-school” like Thimbleweed Park and Monkey Island.
I’m glad I’m not the only one remembering that. I was afraid people would think I’m crazy.
Still not sure why they removed the tweet, though.

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Maybe just because somebody got the job and they didn’t wanted more applications.


Yes, I remember that too, as I remember the first Ron’s idea was an RPG game.
Hopefully he’s working on a new PnC adventure game, old style.

Wikileaks has discovered the title!! It’s The Dirty Secret of Zak McKracken


His underpants? :thinking:
After all, he did travel around the world in airplanes several times, and spent time underwater and in Mars, all without taking a shower or changing his underwear.


The next game by TT should be Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. :grimacing:

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