What name did you give to Ricki's Cakes store?

I’ve played Thimbleweed Park many times now and although I’ve tried different names, most of the time when asked by Ricki Lee, I suggest “YouTube.” This is the name I gave the store on my very first play-through and I still think it’s the funniest.

Now, whenever I refer to Ricki’s Cakes store I typically just call it YouTube. How about you?

I called it YouTube as well, not knowing it would stick, and frankly later on hated myself for having done that. It just took me out of the game´s enviroment, curiously more so than anything else that happens even later in the game(maybe because you´ll just read it a lot passing by).

Same here. :slight_smile:

I thought that was the best part of that joke, that it remained on the windows. :laughing:

That took me by surprise, but made me laugh every time I passed by the store. Hehehe.



I called it “YouTube” and to me it’s the funnier option.

In 1987 I would probably have chosen a different name.

Ah well, I guess it´s okay considering there also was a facebook in 1987


It’s basically the same joke as the glassblower and his U Tubes from Tales of Monkey Island!

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I picked at random, not knowing it would stick, and frankly later on hated myself for having done that.

I picked YouTube in English, “Valvolì Valvolà” in italian, it was so funny!

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Am I the only one who picked a sensible name, like TubeTown? :wink:

no, I also picked TubeTown the first time . I think I saw Youtube on one of the spoilerish screenshots before, so I knew it was gonna end up on the store. But I also imagined I could go back and say: “Actually, I thought of a better name” and that you could change the store name over and over again, with ever more options to choose from or different things depending on the player character… (:reyes: would suggest lame stuff like TubeTastic, Tubelicious, Ricki’s Tubes, While :ray: does the sarcastic thing: Ye Big Old Lights, Transistor Museum,… and :ransome: would suggest things like Tubes ‘n’ Boobs, Throw-a-Rock Shack,…) ah, well maybe next time


That’s not a sensible name. It’s a shop, not a town! :wink:

I got six words for you pal: Cicruit City!

And four more words! :wink:

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And when people realized they weren’t actually cities, they all shut down.

(People will claim it was due to various financial mistakes, but that’s just a cover for the truth.)

In total that makes 13 words. 13 words in your post. Ah-ah-ah-ah

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Yeah, well, all it takes is for one guy to blab his mouth and the secret is out… Tragic affair, really.