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What TWP would look like on SNES

…displayed on a C= 1702 monitor…

204 colors

233 colors

While I’m not looking to convert the whole game to SNES the following is implemented:

  • Title screen: using mode 3 w/ parallax scrolling. Still need to use the bird sprites and consider adding sprite scaling
  • Option screen
  • Juketron, AKA music test screen
  • Chapter title card using mode 0 and HDMA effect
  • In-game: mixture of mode 1 and mode 3. Still need code to handle object management, inventory, camera, collision

I wasn’t going to post anything about this until it was further along; however, I have little time to work on this and, when I do, I’m lucky if I have more than 7 minutes uninterrupted. Hopefully I’m able to do a bit more than a demo. We’ll see.


What resolution and how many colors is that? Seems a lot higher than the SNES could produce.

The resolution is 256x224. Some non-game parts use 512x224. There are 204 colors in the title screen, 233 in the diner, and 199 in the credits.

The title and diner are using Mode 3 (background using 8bpp (maximum of 256 colors, this mode takes up more space in ROM and in VRAM), foreground using 4bpp, 16 colors, although you can select which palette to use on a per 8x8 tile basis allowing for more colors). The credit screen is Mode 1: two 4bpp screens and one 2bpp screen.

The SNES has 15-bit color and allows you to set 256 colors. You can use color math/transparency effects/HDMA to increase the number of colors.

There are likely demos out there displaying 32,768 colors.



…and in case you were wondering why I’ve not much time to work on this…


Why don’t you share the ROM file ?
I’d love to try this on my SNES !

Any news here?? I am great fan of homebrew games and I hope you still have the interest to release a small demo!!! :smiley:

I’ve not done much with this as I was working on a couple of very short films and releasing other source code for the SNES.

For this ROM, I’ve added some annoying in jokes before the title screen; however, I’ve not gotten around to working on the game portion of the demo.

There likely won’t be any fancy screens since the artwork wasn’t designed to fit into such a small amount of RAM. Expect to see many traffic cones. In the present state there isn’t enough space in VRAM for verbs. I may see if something like the Delores interface would work.

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