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What would you put in Room 101?

In the UK we used to have a TV show called Room 101. Each episode, the host (Paul Merton) would interview a celebrity about things they don’t like - particularly their pet hates. The host would then decide whether that item was worthy of being put into Room 101 and if it was, the item (or something representing it) would be sent down a conveyor belt into ‘oblivion’.

Previous examples include:

Random firework displays
David Beckham
Ice cream vans
Room 101 itself (so don’t be cocky and try that :wink:)

So what would you put into Room 101?

I’ll start with:
:door: people who eat with their mouth open

  • please use the door icon so that answers stand out amongst the discussion
  • one item per post

What a formidable idea!

I might get back to this, because my list is so long I don´t even know where to start (I´m, fairly easy to annoy these days.)


:door: ants in the house


Good one.

So basically the exact opposite of Room 101? >_> If I understand correctly, something like this:

:door: People who go out of their way bend the spines of their books.

And not like this:

:door: Having a wasp walk on my eye.


? If you’re referring to 1984, they called the TV programme Room 101 after the torture room into which the items go.

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But yes, definitely that!

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Pretty much everything the traditional bavarian villager is obsessed with:

  • The brass music.
  • The stupid men´s leather clothing and hats.
  • The women´s dresses that are nothing more but titty showcase.
  • The stupid cardgames that involve lots of shouting cryptic expressions.
  • The shooting of rifles on every stupid occasion.
  • The parties of the voluntary fire brigade, obsessing over old bloody baking ovens. (And in the end it´s all just about getting shitfaced anyway)
  • The overt and in the end always dishonest and hypocrytical catholicism.
  • The barely veiled xenophobia.
  • The general stuck in the 19th century attitude that makes everything above possible.

A lot of those actually sound kinda fun to me. Apart from xenophobia and maybe brass music.

New rule: one item per post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Out of the door, one cross each.

Alright, I give you the dirndl dress.


Exsqueeze me?

Not so fast there, you´re not wearing a dirndl, yet!

Cannot believe I have to explain that one, though…

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Ohhhhhhhh! :flushed:

What nationality would you prefer, now that you rightfully lost your old one?

The queen was not amused and everyone knows she´s a fan (Flying Circus Episode:“The Queen is watching”).

Okay, maybe not the exact opposite but the only way the spine bending scenario could come anywhere close to torture is if you bound me up (which is torture all by itself) and then forced me to watch as someone destroyed my books one by one.

The fear of having an insect prick my eye or something along those lines, on the other hand, is the kind of thing that would be in Room 101 (from the book, yes).

:sob: actually I’d quite like to be Canadian.

I think it’s the room that the items are going into that is torture – the ‘bad’ things are being sent to be tortured. Because Room 101 is a torture room in 1984. I’m not explaining this very well :neutral_face:

But yes that scenario would be torture to me, too *shudder*

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There’s one bullet I’d take off from your list. I second everything else.

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It has to do with boobies, hasn´t it?

Uh, errrrrrr. Nope… it was, uhm, you know… that… ehm… arachnophobia thing.


For anyone who still doesn´t know what I´m talking about:

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