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How is the weather (right now)


Hm… Could it be? We haven’t an official “how is the weather” thread? Well, now we have one! :slight_smile:

So, how is the weather right now? If you like, post a photo. :slight_smile:

This is what I see if I look out of my window at the moment:

UK Summer Heatwave

Same here.


It’s so depressing :pensive:
I need to plan a trip to somewhere sunny and warm. Not too warm though - I’m not good with temperatures above 30°C. We hardly get that here, you see.


Here is, more or less, like this:


Maybe we can bring in some more colours (somehow)?

But where? I have to admit that I like the British weather because …

… that’s valid for me too. :slight_smile: And if it’s the perfect rain, you can do this:

I this actually a photo of you? :wink: Luckily it’s not that windy here. But there is more rain to come tomorrow. :frowning: Only a few kilometers to the east there is a lot of snow…


The grass is nice and green, at least. :slight_smile:

No idea… I’ll have to do some research.

It’s meant to snow tomorrow in the UK. Let’s see if that turns out to be accurate.


Then your grass is better than the grass here. :wink: I’ve seen a brown squirrel today - not sure if that hue count as colour. :wink:

(btw: It’s a mystery to me how the people in the UK keep their garden in such a perfect shape!)

Ok, I’ll help. Any other criteria beside a moderate sun?

Please report! :slight_smile:


Hehe, I didn’t know that was a typically British thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhere in Europe, with plenty of tourist attractions (eg: museums and zoos).
But you have to state what the weather is like there, so you don’t go off-topic in the off-topic topic topic :grin:


Oh, yes! :slight_smile: We Germans have even the term “Englischer Rasen” (“English Lawn”) for a perfect lawn. (Not kidding.)

Alright. Search started. :slight_smile:



This is the third result from Google Images for that phrase :laughing:


Yes. We Germans are envious of the british gardeners. :slight_smile:


Picture taken right now where I live.
The sunset sky colours look like the Thimbleweed Park background. Lovely.


And there’s the town sign on the left :stuck_out_tongue:


We have a fine weather today:


In Italian too :smile:


Wow! Beautiful picture. Looks like a sunset somewhere in the west of the USA or Australia. Great shot!

With how many holes? :wink:

Ah, party pooper. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No, seriously: Which region and which temperatures? Looks really sunny over there. Maybe it’s the destination for @tasse-tee and me. :wink:

prato all’inglese? :slight_smile:






I didn’t know that either! I’m not sure we all live up to that.


/edit: The preview picture is wrong. If you click on the video, it starts right at the gardening scene:



Admittedly there’s something very British about the word ‘lawn’. It’s like there’s unfaltering pride built into the word itself.