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What would you put in Room 101?


I can´t imagine they just stop, because they should get some cuts due to the monopoly, right?

I remember some casinos had to remove the word “Casino” from their advertisement and billboards recently because the word “Casino” was outlawed for all non state santioned businesses.

Is the problem with the online business that it is harder to regulate? Why not just make it mandatory to have a local adress and be done with it? Do they have to be able to locate offices they could seize if they needed to which is admittedly a bit harder with an internet business?


Uhm, I really don’t know, because I never had anything to do with online casinos. :slight_smile:

A lot of foreign online casinos have pages in German. Even if they aren’t allowed to let Germans “play”, they just ignore that law.

The main problem is AFAIK, that the (online) casinos have to prevent gambling addiction in some way.

Oh, and don’t forget the manicure salons and nail bars …


Those are great! I love passing by them and making eye contact with the people inside, they always have that guilty look on them like I just caught them with their pants down, it´s hilarious! :joy:


I like to stop in front of the windows of those freaky gyms in which there are people running on the treadmill, seeking for eye contact.
I should do that eating an ice cream or any high-fat food*



A friend of mine actually owned a studio once and when I noted there were TV screens on the ceiling above the treadmills I suggested exactly that to him that there should be clips of people eating ice cream or any high-fat foods running non stop on them. He found the idea very funny (but I don´t think he ever took the suggestion. :wink: )



Is that quite common in Germany then? I’d hate that. Different types and different brands come up so differently - I can’t imagine taking a punt on it. I’ve only done that before with things like Converse where I know what size fits me.


Yes. Isn’t that common in the UK too? Here the clothing manufacturers decide mainly which and how much products the shops get.

Yes! I have a common size and it’s horrible. Luckily we have still several shoe shops in our city. So the chances aren’t that bad.

I thought that for a long time too. :wink:


I wouldn´t say that. Seems to depend on the size and type of the store, I´d guess.


Not having one pair per size, no. They often run out of my size though - sometimes I can try it for fit in a different colour or something, then order the colour I want online. Otherwise I won’t risk it.


In Italy there’s an on-line shop which is dedicated to clothes and shoes. I has a great feature which makes it competitive against bigger international shops…
Every box comes with a label for a free return.
If the size or the color don’t fit you, you can click “return”, they will collect the item at your place for free, and you will get a full refund.
Last time I bought a pair of shoes, I ordered them in 3 sizes and returned 2 of them. No problem.


What happened with the two shoes you returned (or in other words: what did the shop with them)?


I think that’s a key thing for online shopping. If it’s easier to return I’d be more inclined to buy ‘difficult’ things that way. A lot of UK sites include a label and/or packaging to return stuff in – but they don’t come and pick it up from your door. Mind you, it’s not too much hassle to take it to the post office or a pick-up point. I just still prefer to look at stuff before I buy it.


Reading through this thread I cannot make up my mind whether to be depressed or wanting to turn all this material into a stand-up routine.


Easy. This:


I’d go with that too. But I’m a Brit and we hide our feelings.


Yeah I guess, recently depression and humour seems to go hand in and with me. The best thing you sometimes can do is laugh and make jokes about the crap that annoys you most.

And I´m a german and we have no humour!


Why? Moaning makes you feel better.


Not only sometimes. :slight_smile: There are occasions where you just can’t laugh. But the most times life is much brighter if you laugh. Especially about the small things. (I know what I’m talking about.)

(Should we keep this rumor alive? :wink: )

Only in one particular situation.


I didn’t wonder.
I simply assumed they sold them to someone else. Obviously to be entitled for the refund you must return the item in mint condition.