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What would you put in Room 101?


I didn’t want to look (any more) like a pedant, but i was thinking the same thing.


That’s like an agreeing insult… or a (slightly) insulting agreement…
I am not sure :joy:
Either way :+1:


:toilet: Betting Shops taking over the entire city.

I felt the room wasn´t enough anymore.


Aye. Happening here a lot too.


I noticed you saw the photo of the closed videostore I posted on twitter.
The owner told us that the landlord rather than have him any longer in that place he occupied for over 25 years he´d have a Betting Shop because they can ask three times the rent from them (because their abilitiy to pay that kind of money seems pretty much guaranteed). And that with at least three more shops in the neighborhood.

Doesn´t really bode well for the general financial situation of a society if things like these pop up everywhere like the fungus.


That’s a real shame. So many nice, historic shops are being replaced by crappy, tacky, addiction-feeding places like that. Nothing good really comes out of of them.


Yeah, last time my childhood was hit that much was when the Toys´R´Us (which is actually a few blocks from that) had its entire first floor replaced by a shoestore(and that was years before the current crisis). Because there need to be soooo many shoes! :dizzy_face:


That’s a weird one, because toys would be a fairly sustainable market, you’d think. Our Toys r Us only closed about a couple of months ago. But I guess cheaper online equivalents have chased them out.


And that is the part I will never get.

What could ever replace the excitement of going to the toy store on a weekend with your parents? Sitting next to them while they´re browsing for toys for you on their laptop?

I´m really glad to have been a child when I was, it seems.


Indeed. Most of them are probably even browsing themselves, these days, sigh.

Your grumpy old man demeanour appears to be contagious :older_woman:


:wheelchair: (I´d rather have a rocking chair, but I´ll take what I can get from you, discourse!)


How about an old people’s home chair? :seat:probably an aeroplane chair but looks the same


Toys were one of the first products that were sold successful via the Internet (together with books and computer stuff). Here all smaller toy shops closed 10 or 15 years ago.

Today everything is sold via the Internet - except bets and fresh made coffee.


Yeah, I guess that’s true, especially with the smaller ones that were just driven out of business.

I sometimes wonder if I’m the only person who likes to look at things before I buy them. I do a lot more online shopping than I used to, but only for quite specific, generic things.

Cudtomer service in shops has gone wayyyyy down though, which doesn’t help their case. Long gone are the days where it was a benefit to be able to ask questions of an expert shop assistant. Wasn’t that long ago I went into a big, famous department store looking for a cravat and they didn’t know what it was.

The official language thread
The official language thread

I dunno, I don´t want to end like the old lady from Gremlins.

What stops people from submitting them via an online platform?

Plus there seems to be a great desire for them to stay anonymous (like with Sex Shops) because you can never look inside the windows of the betting shops since they always plaster these giant wall tattoes all over them. So wouldn´t betting online be more comfortable instead of having to go to one of a billion places in town?


The problem is: I am forced to buy online. For example our books shop had a huge section with computer books until the end of the 90s. Now they have one tiny book shelve. If I would like to buy a computer book I have to order it online. The same is now starting with shoes: Most shops offer each model once in each size. If I enter the store the most common shoe size is gone. So again I have to order the shoes in the Internet.


It’s forbidden in Germany.


Yeah so the betting has to have a stately blessing. But there are also online casinos that are legal because of that so why not the betting?


Yeah, I don´t personally feel like I had an active part in killing the businesses because I went for the online shopping. I went for the online shopping because I couldn´t find the music/books/movies/etc. I was searching for in the shops. They disappeared and closed before I could abandon them.


That was a small exception: Schleswig-Hollstein has given licenses to some online casinos for a (short) period. So they are still legal, but AFIAK the licenses are expiring in the next month. (I don’t know the actual state at the moment.)