What's the best puzzle in the Monkey Island series?

The puzzles in Tales weren’t always the most complex and clever ones but the good ones were executed and presented in funny and memorable ways (they didn’t use a great idea to its full potential though). I wouldn’t have minded more memorable puzzle moments in TWP.

I used save games (and screenshots), so I had mostly the correct answers written down.

I appreciate your efforts, you did find an alternative way to solve the puzzle! :grinning:

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My favorite one was defeating Carla.
I loved how you had to answer completely new insults with sentences you only used against other insults.

One thing I never got in MI2 is why the green cocktail makes you spit better. I mean, was it suggested somewhere? I only got it because I got bored and started mixing drinks, and the green one makes Guybrush say something about spit. But were there hints about the existence of a drink that makes you spit better?

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Yes. Largo gets a green drink and he spits a Guinness record blob of goo.

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I remember the scene, I never noticed the detail :smiley:

I did that puzzle the regular way, but getting through the fortress and I think maybe the forest in MI1 I seem to remember I didn’t use the instructions at all, I just wandered through it millions of times until I found my way through.
I think in the fortress in MI2 I thought it was something to do with remembering the bits and pieces attached to the walls and above the doors.

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Also you have to pick up his spit with paper which kind of serves as a reminder of this event (since you keep that paper).

My first time with MI was with a walkthrough, but when I returned to the game some years later I discovered some things the author of the walkthrough didn’t know. The most significant was the ability to spy on the shopkeeper, so it’s the puzzle Ema mentioned earlier in this thread. When I played for the first time I just thought it was a regular maze.

I think this was really smart, because the game doesn’t hint in any way, that there is a possibility to follow someone.

Yes, also the safe and the possibility to steal is very intriguing and distracts from this other puzzle.

Following. The. Shopkeeper.

Swordfighiting in general.

Hmmm… I haven’t read this thread in detail before… I gave exactly the same answer as @Ema. Impressive!

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It is a regular maze. And it is always the same. However, Guybrush refuses to go beyond the yellow flowers until he either has the map or if he followed the storekeeper. After that, you are free to explore it on your own. And you can infact either skip the map or the storekeeper chase, but not both.

By a regular maze I meant a maze that has to be solved by walking around and noticing the patterns, like the games at the time usually had. As for the map, well, it was rather cryptic, so I didn’t know what to do with it anyway.

I thought of a regular maze when you can walk it like you can in real life. We have quite a lot of mazes in the Monkey Island universe were this not possible: The catacombs under Monkey Island, the jungle on Dinky Island etc…