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What's your favorite Thimbleweed Park arcade room machine?

Select up to three machines!

  • Die! Enemy SCUMM!
  • Disco Madness
  • Kill Skill
  • Meteor Menace
  • The pinball machine
  • Space Slime
  • TokenTron 3000™
  • Tuna Head

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Meteor Menace, pants down!

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Uh… I voted for Meteor Menace, but I’m keeping my pants up, thankyouverymuch. :wink:

Haven’t had any time yet to play this new build! :frowning:

Try to find 15 minutes (they will be enough for you to find the way to play the games). It’s really a nice update and the mini-games are funny. :slight_smile:

My favourite part of the arcade games are the mouth sound effects… hehehe

Mhm… even 5 would be enough if only you know where to start.
I didm’t have a clue, and started wandering for at least half an hour. Then I had the suspect that there was some trigger event during the game that was necessary to find the tokens. So I looked in the thread where that trigger event was, and I realized I had to play almost two hours from my nearest save point (which wasn’t near at all)…


Yes, if you don´t happen to have a close enough save you´re shit out of luck(and I didn´t on my initial playthrough, I did not save often because I mostly relied on autosave, so I had one much too early and a few much too late). Or just start the game on easy, then it only takes about 15 minutes.

Luckily I managed to discover the section of the game in which the new object appears, but neither what the object was nor where it was.
So I was up to play again a big chunk of game to get to the point…
The funny thing is that after 2 hours of playing I found the new object while I was stuck because of a puzzle which I didn’t remember, sonI wasn’t thinking about the tokens anymore. I found the object, I immediately realized how to use it, but it actually has been a surprise to discover the tokens…

EDIT: sorry, I realized only now that I posted in the wrong thread…

How do you play the out of order games?

Wow, it’s been two years, I never saw this poll.

…but I remember I played only three of them. The others are out of order, as @Revolt (by the way, welcome to the forums) said.

Are you telling me I missed something?


I doubt it, a machine that doesn’t work can still be your fave. :slight_smile:

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