When did you follow the wrong the track?

It was on hard mode and I went to the top. Therefore, I must have simply missed it despite its obvious and pulsatingly glowing appearance and built assumptions from that.

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If you or anyone have issues finding the book of the dead. It has a very distinct look.

Here is what it looks like:

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Probaby because characters were all throwing up form eating the hot dogs.

I had exactly the same two problems :smiley:

I guess it depends, but the one in my workplace needs you to put your finger on the glass. It doesn’t work with photocopies though, so I guess it detects temperature or other parameters.

If that is true then conversly it shouldn´t work with a fingerprint, then. I guess we´re supposed to suspend our disbelief, here.

I thought I could save Franklin (who I thought was in the refrigerator) by using the wrench to drain the sewer water…

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I too thought/think his body is in there.
One chain of thought was that after beating Xavier I could leave to hotel, roam the world and get there so he can finally rest in peace.

That’s an interesting statement. I will not ask you which nefarious actions made you reach that conclusion. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! Never thought to use Franklin to charge the battery! I went straight because I remembered the trailer in which Ransome was shocked.

Same here, the trailer also helped me with the trampoline puzzle.

Yep, we tried. That’s the hacker-wanna-be inside of me. I even had better tests to try but didn’t find the time. I thought about getting a mold of my finger on silicon and warming it to check if was a matter of temperature and some other tests.

I’m in the IT departament, so we were obviosly “testing” the system for flaws :wink:

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  • I tried to use the floppy disk in Delores C64, in the ThimbledCon PC, and in the Hotel PC. I thought it had to go in one of those.

  • I was trying to get the coins from the bottom of the fountain, using Franklin to freeze the water.

  • I thought there would have been some crazy puzzle to get the crystal from the ghost in the penthouse.

  • I thought there was a puzzle involving getting the chewing gum from Franklin’s room.

  • I thought there was something to do with the glue at the radio station.

  • I thought I had to use Ransome to open a bank account and get a toaster.

  • I thought Doug was useful for something rather than being completely useless and (at least for me) super annoying.

  • I thought there was something to do with the robot head and the oscilloscope in Chuck’s room.

  • I thought I had to open Chuck’s crypt to find it empty and find something important there.

  • I thought there would have been a confrontation between Ransome and the Occult Lady and she eventually would have lifted the curse.


“I thought there was a puzzle involving getting the chewing gum from Franklin’s room.”

Me too! I thought you could get an impression of Franklin’s fingerprint from that, and that you would have been able to use it to open the safe in Chuck’s office

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Yeah, there are a few objects that they won’t pick up, because "it’s the only evidence of…"
I have imagined that, sooner or later, there would have been a trial, with a judge, an attorney, a prosecutor, a lot of witnesses and a final verdict.

But that, is another game.


Those are my two favourites:

Manfred Von Karma, eheheh… he’s german, you know?

The very first case of the very first episode!
Do you like Frank Sahwit? After what he had thrown to me??

So that’s how Japanese picture Germans?
But wait, I mean, EINSPRUCH! I actually meant Kristoph (which sounds German too).

It was awesome! I mean disgusting! But also awesome…
Although maybe not for you, headcrabs are probably more healthy than this.

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I was about to make a remark about japanese and germans having been good friends once, but then I thought “eh, it´s been done to death”


When I had fed radioactive waste to the man eating plant and the plant had eaten the shop keeper, I thought I had found a solution to a puzzle I was not aware of yet.

So then I wondered to what problem it could be the solution. I did a lot examining the watch camera and the betamax tape.

Eventually, the whole thing was an easter egg, just like the navigator’s head, which also put me on a very wrong track!