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(SPOILERS) Which Easter-Eggs have you found?

WARNING: Major Spoiler Alert!

You have been warned.

I’ve played the game a few times and every time I try to act in a different way or look for new things within the game. I’ve read in this forum about some Easter-Eggs and alternate endings, but I haven’t managed to find many, so I wanted to invite others to share their discoveries here.

I expect it’ll get very spoilery around here, so if you haven’t finished the game or wish to discover everything by yourself, then I strongly urge you to leave this topic immediately.

Out of consideration for the casual eye, I will blur my initial list here, but I don’t expect the rest of the thread should need it.


Note:. The list below will grow as others offer new discoveries.


  • If you have the Navigator Head when you enter the forest, he will guide you to a special location. I do not know if there is anything else to it other than finding it.

  • If you use the Philip’s Dangerous Dövice, and ignore all the warnings, it will give you an alternate ending, though perhaps not the one you were expecting.

  • If you explore the Kitchen during the wireframe sequence, Nurse Edna will show up and scare you.

  • After the reading of the will, if you have Ransome talk to the lady at the Nickle News, she will ask for an interview. If you accept it and answer all questions with the second from last dialogue option, you will hear a humbled Ransome describe his life’s story and provide a motivation for redeeming himself.

  • If you go in and out of the ThimbleCon floor over and over, you will get a chance to see all three main developers: Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, and David Fox. They appear randomly, but change every time you enter the room.

  • If you have Delores in the Mansion Mansion kitchen fill up the glass with chainsaw gasoline instead of water, and put it in the microwave and use it, it will result in a brilliant flash as it burns up and evaporates.

  • If you give Poopsie to Chuck The Plant in the library, or to the Man-Eating Plant in the Quickie Pal, they will burp sporadically in a funny way.

  • If you give the radioactive waste to the Man-Eating Plant in the Quickie Pal, then leave the store; when you return, it will have grown. If you do it again, leave and return, you will find that she has eaten Leonard! However, it won’t eat Leonard if you gave it the Poosie first.

  • If you venture deep into the sewers, you may discover the skeleton of a rare dinosaur.

  • If you send an Agent to the alley behind the Diner, he or she will get abducted by a mysterious person, which starts an entirely separate puzzle chain.

  • If you fix the MovieTron 3000™’s tube, you can get a BetaMax tape of Blazing Saddles using the coupon in the “sekrit meeting” pizza flyer.

  • You can actually get a message from Nurse Edna (from Maniac Mansion) by dialing the number written in the bathroom wall.

  • During Ransome’s flashback, you can push the Mime on stilts to reinforce his *beep*hole personality.

  • If you call Jenn Sandercock’s number, as it appears in the telephone book, she will tell you where to find a hidden note. The note, in turn, will tell you to search the library for a book written by her. (Jenn is one of the developers.)

  • Using the HaoLinKinYao tea with any of the playable characters, will cause them to say a silly line in a foreign tongue.

  • Using Eric’s Eye Magic Drops on any of the playable characters will cause them to cry and express their intimate thoughts.

  • There is a book by Ron Gilbert in the library with the title of “The True Secret of Monkey Island”.

Backer Items:

  • Matt’s bear-shaped paperweight

  • Kauzlaric’s Patented Anti-Itch Medicine

  •’s CAT5-o’-9-Tails

  • Eric’s Eye Magic Drops

  • HaoLinKinYao Tea

  • Extreme Chili Sauce by Brian H.J.

  • Levo’s Bear Repellent

  • Lurleen the Chinchilla

  • Trophy from Thomas Bodenmann’s School of Mathematics

  • Philipp’s Dangerous Dövice

  • Sepp the Navigator’s Head

  • Silbury Hacker Boot Disk

  • Mort You-Eye’s Snake-In-A-Box

  • Starship Isabella in a Bottle

  • Susiboy’s Red Gel Decoder

  • Crockford’s Tuna Heads - the good parts

Other Backer Content

  • There is a chain of related phone messages created by a group of friends, which you can access by dialing Damian E. Vila’s number, as it appear in the telephone book.

  • In section 1.6 of the Mansion Mansion’s library, there is a set of related books in sequence whose titles all start with the number “13.”

What else is there? Have you found any other hidden or cool stuff? Please share below and I’ll add them to the list.



Good list! I would also propose for a list of randomly changing stuff (location of the coin, names of people to call to get out of the sewer, radio quiz questions etc.) since I´ve still yet to hear all the radio questions (and their correct anwers).

The sewer puzzle itself is an easter egg, you don´t have to do it if you don´t go into the alley.

Would you consider finding random stuff like the dinosaur skeleton in the sewers that could be missed on a playthrough an easter egg?

Oh yeah! The skeleton is an Easter-egg to me. Thanks!

I’ll add it to my list above.

Glad to know that I have already discovered all the easter eggs you mentioned :slight_smile:

There’s another Easter Egg,
round ‘n’ shiny Easter Egg!
I’ll just keep it in my head,
keep it deeply in my head.


I’ve updated the list above with the two extra ones mentioned by @milanfahrnholz.

Oh nooooooo! Share it, please! :upside_down_face:

Did you find any others that you could share? Let’s try to build a comprehensive list. I know I want to find more!

You could also add the Betamax tape, calling Edna, Jenn’s hidden message, pushing Mine (:slight_smile:) the mime.
Maybe backer items (especially eye drops and tea, maybe also snake in a box and bear repellent).


There is one I know of because I heard it Ron mention in an interview and I stumbled across one of them per sheer accident, maybe someone can help because I forgot.

There is a chain of phone book entries on which a couple of friends co operated. You call one number and each tells you to call another one, and this goes on through several entries(I neither know how many nor what the eventual punchline is).

Could someone tell me the name of the person who starts this chain?

I’ll add the backers’ items. I’ll also add the other ones you mentioned, since they are optional as well.

Seems this list will grow to encompass all easter-eggs and goodies for fans and backers.

By the way, I got the Betamax because I thought the MovieTron 3000&tm; puzzle was part of a larger chain. I wonder how many others did the same. If so, does it qualify as an easter-egg, or is it like just a part of a cut puzzle?


In the Mansion Mansion library, there are 13 books which title starts with “13:”.
On the second page of each book, there are 2 choices.
Every line is the title of one of the 13 books.
They are linked together to form a story with multiple endings.

They are all one alongside each other, section 1.6

Damian, 2684.

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It was part of a puzzle chain which got removed. You could still get the tape because it’s another reference. So yes, it qualifies as Easter egg.

They are still there in section 1.6 (bottom floor, left to the stairs).
Note that this section is quite cramped, you have to keep your cursor near the bottom of the shelf, see this screenshot:

Thank you, I have found them.
Maybe I had moved the mouse on the half-upper area and couldn’t find them anymore!

Thank you, I think that whole thing can be added to the easter eggs list?

OK, I’ve updated the list on the first post with all the stuff mentioned so far. I added a section for “Backer Items” and “Other Backer Content.” In the latter we can add any other notable backer content, like books in the library or voice messages. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for sharing!!! :thumbsup:


I would add these:

  1. If you call Jenn Sandercock, one of the developers, she will tell you where to find a hidden note. The note, in turn, will tell you to search the library for a book written by her.

  2. If you use the radioactive waste on the man-eating plant in Quickie Pal, leave the store and come back later, you’ll see Leonard eaten by the plant.

I’m not sure if they qualify as easter eggs, but:

  1. All (alive) playable characters will speak foreign languages if they use the HaoLinKinYao tea.

  2. All (alive) playable characters will cry and express their most intimate thoughts if they use Eric’s Eye Magic Drops.

  3. There is a book by Ron Gilbert in the library and its title is “The true secret of Monkey Island”.

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Freeing Willie from his jailcell is also optional and missable.


The first time I played TWP I didn’t succeed in freeing him, I know there is the possibility to free Willy (!), I’ll try to do it in my next playing.

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