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When is a game a "retro" game?


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What if I say boxer’s gloves are not the latest and greatest? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



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Uhm… I don’t think I agree with you.

I agree with @PiecesOfKate: an old game is old. TWP is new, but retro. Ok.
But if I play a “retro” game like TWP, I’m not retrogaming. It’s a new game, so I’m not retrogaming. Conversely, if I play an OLD game (which is not a retro-game), I’m retrogaming, since I’m retrospectively playing today an old game.



Blimey, this old thread :slightly_smiling_face:

But yes I agree with those statements too. All the good bits of your brain were used before it exploded.


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That´s pretty much the sort of compliment I´m aiming for in life!


And a good tombstone epitaph.


Damn. Now I have to change my testament.


That too. I think getting at least a little more than a “Here lies someguy” plate is my goal in life.


So you’re retroreading when you’re reading Pirandello?

Prose and lexicon were quite different 100 years ago than today.


No one calls movies from the 80s retromovies either.


I agree, in fact

To me, it should be called “gaming”. Today I feel like playing an old game, tomorrow a new one, what’s the difference? Today I feel like watching a mute b&w movie. Of course, I might be doing that because I’m fascinated by the techniques of a newborn art, but still…


I think that retro label says a lot about the shortlivedness of the electronics industry (gaming, internet etc.).

When that (probably stupid) Slenderman movie came out, everyone made jokes that it came like five years late.

At first I didn´t get it. “Isn´t this supposed to be some sort of modern folklore? And isn´t it the nature of folklore to live on and endure?” I thought.

But turned out people considered it on the level of all the other internet memes and and moved on from it, since.


You could append ‘retro’ to those things, but it probably hasn’t caught on in the same way because watching movies is generally a passive activity.

‘Retrogaming’ as a verb is more suited to gaming because people are physically playing old games on their original consoles or old PCs - it’s as much to do with how they’re being played as what’s being played.

As I said in the original conversation I think there’s a distinction to be made between retro games (new games in the style of old games) and retrogaming (playing old games as they were meant to be played).


Is playing acoustic guitar more retro than playing electric guitar? Or have the lines blurred? And will the lines blur like this for gaming one day?