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When is a game a "retro" game?


If one of the geniuses on this forum could extract all the sprites from the original ROM I would love to take a crack at creating an RPG-maker with them.

Or at the very least some Zelda emojis :slight_smile:

image image image
image image image


Paging @Nor_Treblig

:bow_and_arrow: :dragon: :eye: :pig: :princess: :meat_on_bone: :shield: :snake: :skull: :bat:


No problem: NES - The Legend of Zelda - sprites

Also not a problem: Zelda Randomizer


Muchas gracias, @Nor_Treblig!

We’ll see how far I can get in one holiday. :slight_smile:



The awesome side gigs you have! :star_struck:

That was a great read well worth the wait!

I think the fear of being buried alive has in modern days mostly be replaced by the fear of being prematurely harvested for organs. This is actually the main reason people give for not getting a donor pass. They fear being declared death early so the doctors can make use of their organs as fast as possible. The fact that this is isn´t entirely unfounded is a reason behind this still being a very controversial discussion.
And it again shows that still today the defintion of death is a difficult one.

Then there is this scene predating Kill Bill Vol. 2:

What a “secure” way to free somebody prematurely buried in the ground! :open_mouth:

And I think there was also a Tales From The Crypt comic (also made into an episode of the 90s TV show of the same name) where two people argued whether the mind remained concious post mortem and while one of them medically tricked the other to live through this at the end of the story he himself finds out this is very much true!

Fascinating topic in any case. At one point it must have been so common that in vienna they built bells into the graves the not so deceased could ring for help. Imagine working there and hearing that one night!


Yeah, maybe. A lot of people are opposed to the idea so it wouldn’t surprise me!

There are so many good examples :slightly_smiling_face:

I remember looking at really detailed diagrams (reproduced from the time) of those safety contraptions at uni. I like to think I’d run to help them get out, but I’d likely be too scared!


Yeah I know I´ve seen those, too. But google image search failed me this time.

See that is another example of the irrational fear (the one of the “resurrected” dead) outdoing the rational fear (of letting someone die).

That reminds me of the story that Stephen King relates in Danse Macabre. I forgot who he attributes it to but it goes something like this.

A kid´s favourite pet (hamster, mouse, bird whatever) dies, the child is really sad and the family have this real elaborate burial ceremony in the garden. Suddenly when they let down the small box that functions as a casked starts shaking and moving. The animal isn´t dead yet!

The kid asks the father: “Can you please kill it, daddy?”

It shows how much the child had adapted to the death of the beloved pet that it wasn´t able to revert anymore. It was done with it and couldn´t accept going through all this again.


I don’t know if it’s just that. It’s also not knowing quote what the situation will be when you open the coffin (or tomb). Since it doesn’t happen often it’s fear of the unknown, with or without fear of resurrection.


Oh as in, the person could really be dead by that time? Yeah that might not even be that unlikely.

Or maybe an animal having eaten itself through and accidentally touching the thing, which may or may not be likely depending on for how long they kept those things connected (I guess they removed them after a reasonable amount of time?).


Why does this remind me of Monty Python? :slight_smile:


No I meant it could just be a very traumatic experience if they’re half alive, and depending on how they ‘died’, you wouldn’t know what you’re about to find, and that’s frightening.

Finding someone dead would be traumatic too though I guess, and very sad.


Feeling retro today (and cold)

I’m always impressed when people do crazy stuff with limited hardware.

If people applied some of those techniques to modern software, we might have devices that boot up instantaneously and run days to weeks on a battery charge. Which reminds me of

Error reduces
  Your expensive computer
  To a simple stone.


Symmetrical levels sounded so horrible but there was a happy end!


Heh, at first I thought you were talking about audio there.

Cool video! :slight_smile:


Have you seen the “hard mode” thing? Now that they have that they could theoretically use it to tweak “normal mode” too!


Is that somewhere higher in the thread? Or is hard mode the name of that NES game video?


It’s at the end of that video:
The game itself is called Micro Mages (pre-order at indiegogo).


Thanks. Btw, what’s with the weird pronunciation of repertoire? That word is pronounced (more or less) the same as in German, not like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


That´s because we tend to pronounce our french lean words most accurately! :stuck_out_tongue: