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When is a game a "retro" game?


Where did he say that?
Btw. they are a two-man team and look like this:

One of them is actually called Bétoux!


Not too long after your tag. “The enemy’s repertoire.” (Except pronounced like choir.)


I never heard anyone saying it like that before!


So…repertyre instead of repertwa?


This is the one I’ve never heard before, until this video that is.


Yes, it’s pronounced repertwah® in English, French, (Dutch,) and German, so I thought repertwyre was an awfully strange mispronunciation given that the speaker sounded German.



Was her name Brahbrah?
No, I think it was Barbara.
Her name was Brahbrah.
It was Barbara, there’s no such name as Brahbrah.


Feliz Naviblah!



Actually I was just expecting you to be one of maybe two people on here to get my above reference.



Okay let´s make that three people.


To get back on topic:
All games released before 2010 are retro in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


Also this:

It’s like retro, meta, meta-retro and :exploding_head:


Wait, what important historical milestone did we hit when that coundown was over? :open_mouth:


(I mean technically the game was retro even then, because if it´s celebration of 80s music and aesthetics).


Fix It Fix It Felix as fast as you caaaaaaan! :notes: :two_hearts:


Oh and to complete the mind**** :

(Compare those dates)


:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:


But it is a fun game, very true to what you see in the movie, down to the Mario-like sounding music and the small digitised voices, the stumpmoving,…
And it runs on an actual 1989 Megadrive!


Or you can just…
* spends 15 minutes trying to get Flash to work on two browsers *
… never mind :sweat: