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When is a game a "retro" game?


Surely one or another :grin:

:thinking: isn’t it 4 years since TWP got funded on Kickstarter?


Almost, I think? Might be the 14th or something.


That calls for a celebration!! :partying_face:


Here, specks of dust FOR EVERYONE!!!




Oh, you too, huh?

December 18th, one week from now!


Yeah, I think it reached the funded milestone in November, still. After that it was just stretch goals.


Which aren´t to be underestimated, since they included stuff like voice acting and other things without the game wouldn´t be the same.


I didn’t mean to minimise the stretch goals. I only used the word just to clarify that the funding was before and very fast, the rest of the campaign was a quite tense thing. The stretch goals were even reshuffled along the way (the talkies used to be the final stretch goal, after iOS/Android versions !)

Oh, and funding was done by November 24th - take that, Wikipedia!


True, true.
TwP wouldn’t be the same without Agent Ray’s fantastic voice acting.

:ray: It’s my specks of dust.

But technically wasn’t it already a retro game in 2017? In 2025 it will be retro-retro.


Would that equal a 360 degree turn? :thinking: