How to archive/preserve the TWP merch

I’ve bought several TWP T-shirts and of course the poster(s). The T-shirts are still shrink-wrapped while the posters are in the cardboard tubes. Now I would like to know: How do I archive/preserve these things?

Should I leave the T-shirts shrink-wrapped (except the ones I wear of course)? In the past some of this shrink-wrapped-plastic tended to “melt” and stuck on the stuff. Obviously I would like to prevent that. :slight_smile: If I should remove the plastic sleeve: How do I “store” and/or present the T-shirts in the best way? Dark in my wardrobe or framed on the wall?

I would like to frame the posters. Do I have to fear that the colors will bleach out in the sunlight (over the time)? Or do I have to put them behind so-called museum glass (don’t know the proper English term - this glass has an UV protection)?

Buy a few mannequins and put them on them. This has the advantage that you also can get additional apparel for the mannequins like blue rimmed Delores glasses or a Clownwig for instance.

Then put them near your neighbors garden and every night you move them a little closer…


… and after two nights I never see the mannequins and my T-shirts again. I mean, the T-shirts! THE EXCLUSIVE THIMBLEWEED PARK T-SHIRTS!

(btw: My questions were meant seriously. :wink: )

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and the neighbors! :scream:

I know but my alternate answer:“Sorry no idea” seemed a bit boring.


Don´t be, I was thinking of it too!

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Just wear the t-shirt every time you like, sport them as much as you want. When they will be over-used, just buy new ones.

I believe he´s looking ahead to a time when buying new ones won´t be possible anymore and they become highly valued collectors items.

Exactly. :slight_smile:

Regarding the posters: I’ve seen many posters bleaching out in the sun so they became very ugly. I would like to prevent this. Unfortunately the special glass isn’t very cheap. So if they used UV resistant colors in the print, I could save some bucks. :slight_smile: Has somebody framed the posters and can tell his/her experiences?

That’s why I don’t leave the house anymore. :sun_with_face:

You’re a poster boy? :astonished:

You know, your t-shirts would be very sad and bored to tears if you just stuck them in a glass box and stare at them. They want to be worn! They dream of going out in the open on someone’s torso, and having others admire them in their full form!

Do it for the shirts: wear them. It is their wish. It is their dream. It is their single, most important purpose in their material existence. Don’t let them down.

Wear a shirt today. Save a garment from perpetual collectible hell.



Oh come on, it´s not like T-Shirts were sentient beings that have thoughts and feelings…



Oh no! When I stare at that shirt, I can feel it taking control of my mind… Damn you!

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I’ve seen these T-shirts worn and I can say: If you wear it, it looks far more “real”. And weird.


In German TV (should be “Bares für Rares”) and somewhere in my hometown - but can’t remember the circumstances …

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What if women wear this. Women who have…(how do I put this politely knowing women will read this?)…ginormous gazongas?

Sounds fit. Chihuahuas have bulging eyes.

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You can get these shirts with other/another animal(s) (a cat?)…