Where do you play Thimbleweed Park - Post a pic

Here I am on the train, just outside Kilmarnock, heading to Glasgow.

Where do you play yours?


I can’t: it’s too dark here, and I have no flashlight.


Have you tried “use light switch”?

Every. Damn. Day.


[quote=“RonGilbert, post:4, topic:1004, full:true”]
Every. Damn. Day.[/quote]

The game’s not THAT hard. Maybe you could find a guide on the internet? I hear there’s an in-game hint system now.


(What we are thinking, on the other side, is:
“Every. Blessed. Day.”)

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Is that a stripe of adhesive tape on the webcam?

Yep. Actually, it’s a pirate band-aid.


I still haven´t updated to monitors and laptops that have customary built in webcams, I´m still living in the stone ages appearently…

Eheheh… Pirates know well the perils of navigation!

[quote=“RonGilbert, post:8, topic:1004, full:true”]Yep. Actually, it’s a pirate band-aid.
So it protects against Uncle Chuck and LeChuck?

We all know the real reason Ron tapes his webcam is to stop this from happening. It just…you know…gets annoying after a while.

Here is a 4K video of me playing Thimbleweed Park on the couch.


That’s definitely you. Same position in your avatar.

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Hey, I notice you shaved your beard! You look better ! :joy:

Hey I love “Ron”! Great film about an indie game designer who is sucked into his own creation that he just can´t stop working on it!

So, now… What’s the name of the cat?

Considering that I don’t have a cat, I think I could assign to this variable any value. I have just decided to name it as this town in Wales.

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We have similar tastes. My cat’s name used to be Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu

Too bad for cats. As Massimo Troisi would have said, while you call them with names too long, they’ve already got hit by a car :worried:

You should call them Ugo, or Tom! :yum:

Nice addition, anyway. A nice touch would be a pixel for the eye that shows up while breathing. I love those human genre companions through the millennia.
Always enjoyed their independent but lovely presence, while playing TWP too.