Where is Thimbleweed Park (in the world)?

Where is Thimbleweed Park located? Or more precisely: Where could Thimbleweed Park be located if we don’t take the ending into account? :slight_smile: Do we have some hints? It has to be in the USA…

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Right next to…

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Good question :slight_smile:

I’m assuming it’s somewhere in North America. Bits of the town remind me of a weird, deserted town I stayed in when I travelled around Canada - might’ve been Revelstoke:

As for the highway and forest parts of the game, they remind me of Vancouver.

This might all be because the last time I was there was during PAX (we went to Seattle too) and all the TWP hype, so I’m associating the two in my mind.

But it would also make sense because Ron lives there.

That’s not why I was there. I’m not a stalker. *shuffles awkwardly*


Seriously, I would go for the pacific northwest as well. I would claim the same about Maniac Mansion, too. Write about what you know, as they say.

Are there any clues besides the general look?

Fucking is not in the USA/North Amerika. :wink:

For all non-german speakers: Fucking is indeed a town in Germany and it’s pronounced “Foo-king”.

The mountains in the background of the vista reminded me a little bit of the Rocky Mountains.


When I played the South Park Stick Of Truth game, walking through the streets of the town reminded me a lot of Thimbleweed Park. But that would be Colorado and it´s a whole lot more snowy there.

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Ah, yes, you are right. :slight_smile:

Bits of the woodland scenery remind me of Twin Peaks, which is apparently supposed to be in Washington.

I think the small town next to highway next to mountains and forest is pretty classic Canada, though.

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Seems like it could be Oregon…

Maybe somewhere around here:


It’s right next to Springfield.


Which is very close to Duckburg…

I hope next game by Ron is in India… (Sorry for going off topic)

I agree with you all, the vista itself we see everytime we come here seems like somewhere in the north of northern America, USA, pacific Northwest but it could be also the area of the Great Lakes, around south or north of Chicago, up to Ontario or Quebec… I have a friend that lived there in Canada for a while and some of his photos reminded me of TWP settings.

Mark Ferrari currently resides in Portland, Oregon :slight_smile:

Also, I put it in just as a reference, to know about real places that are similar to those ones in the game,
the plant to which more frequently people refer to with the name “Thimbleweed”, known scientifically as Anemone Virginiana, is “native from eastern North America, where it is found growing in dry or open woods”.
It would be interesting to see if the accurate and capable hand of Mark Ferrari has indeed drawn some of these in some background. I can’t remember.

The more I think of it the more TWP seems a brilliant name to refer to a generic place in the middle of Northern America.

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Has he somewhere said or noted where he got his inspirations from? (I only know that the hall in the Mansion Mansion is based on a photo of a real staircase.)

And does someone know if the characters in TWP gives some “hints”?

I think it´s rather rare for video games to have actual real life inspirations. An exception being Silent Hill where there exists a real town on the east coast where they used pictures to directly model the haunted nebulous place after. Which might be because the japanese development team needed some hints on what american small towns look like.

The closest to that would be the selections you have when you let Delores apply for her job at Mmucas Flem. Has to be one of those…

I thought that the artists first collect some photos and other drawings to get some inspirations. I can’t find the pictures of the staircase at the moment but the hall in the game looks very similar to the one of the photo. :slight_smile: So maybe Mark had a picture of some hills as an inspiration for the vista. It would be interesting to know where these photos were shot…

AFAIR her own address is in Thimbleweed Park and MMucas Flem is far away.

But the agents are coming from Albuquerque? So it can’t be that far away…? (I really have to replay TWP :slight_smile: ).

Yes, seeing that photo was amazing, I really hope more of those turn up, if there are any more.

When you apply for the job you´ll get these options.

West Virginia

Choosing, any of those works so that might tell you something there. :wink:

It make sense with the ending in mind. :wink: But they limit the range of possible locations…

(Disclaimer: I don’t think that we will find a place. But sometimes the developers or artists leave some unintended hints where a scene or the whole game could be located. :slight_smile: And I’m interested in these hints. :slight_smile: )

Anemone Virginiana

Now I can’t get out of my head the intro song of National Lampoon’s Vacation! :stuck_out_tongue:

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