Where is Thimbleweed Park (in the world)?

Last time that happened to me was when someone posted a picture of the St Louis Gateway Arch.

:musical_note: “Holiday Rooooooo-aoooa-oaoaoaoaoa-oaoaod” :notes:

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Well, that is more likely a location for one of David’s games. Zak came pretty close to India anyway. Dehli was in originally*, but they cut it, because they couldn’t find a new age element to put there. And the diskspace didn’t allow for it either. So they added just another maze instead.

* not historically correct

You mean these?


Yeah, but there is no office in Alburquerque…"

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Says it right there: Thimbleweed Park is in Liquorland.


I know you´re joking but if you just change the name from Kathmandu to Delhi you wouldn´t notice any difference…

Well I guess you´d have to change the yak to an elephant, which might not be that easy…I guess that´s the reason why they didn´t do that…

Exactly! The sprite for the elephant poop was too big. A yaks was barely doable though.

(If you have no idea what I’m talking about, use the blue crystal on the yak and chew away)

I do and don´t forget to try to pick it up, too!

That’s new to me… I definitively will need to try that. I guess there are limits to the adventure games addagio to pick everything up that isn’t bolted down.

Ohhhh you missed the punchline of the whole joke! :smile:

Yes, but it could be - otherwise they hadn’t mentioned it. So it’s likely that Alburquerque is near TWP.

Or forgot it (though I found the first part already a funny easteregg - no pun intended)

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On a related note, I’ve just discovered the inspiration for Monkey Island, right here in the UK :open_mouth:



“Triathlon Training Centre” ? Hope you´re not going overboard with your new year´s resolutions!

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Delhi is nothing compared to Jammu and Kashmir or if u want to explore southern India… Tamil Nadu or Karnataka would be good…

India is not all about Elephants (Though they are found extensively in Indian forests) Tiger is the national animal.

What about cow?

And we all know that that’s in Oregon [1].

There’s also a UK bungee club :woman_cartwheeling:

Plans for 2019: Astronaut training

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