Who is Guybrush Threepwood?

No, Italy didn’t change anything. Italy didn’t have any regulation before, as far as I know. This lack of regulation wasn’t compliant, if I got it correctly.

My grandfather (a homemade producer) wanted to wean me with his wine…:slightly_smiling_face:

And what happened? :wink:

Well, my mother didn’t agree but… I really enjoy drinking it during meals, as is tradition. Out of meals, I generally don’t like drinking alcoholics. Anyway probably also climate influences how we drink, but I really don’t have liver for superalcoholics.

Back on topic: Guybrush is less than 21 years old in MI2, right?

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My grandfather had a vineyard, he produced his own wine. My father started to taste wine before 10 and he’s still alive and in good health.
One of my grandfather’s motto was: “do you have a little pain somewhere? Drink a good glass of wine and it will vanish!” :grin:




You better hide that picture from @PiecesOfKate


If you can’t remember when you had your first glass of wine, either you were too young, or the wine was too much. Or both.


I actually had to dig really deep now to find something that is correct. At least the first four or three results where all without the apostrophe. :wink:


Similar is said from the 80s: If you can remember the 80s you haven’t lived back then…

Good because I only remember half of them…and about less than half of the 00nds…

:thinking: No, don’t ask him. Don’t ask him…

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None at all? Huh, interesting.

I’ve just stumbled int a really bizarre web page…


I don’t remember any reference to it in this forum.

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With all of the references to Shakespeare I’m surprised they didn’t mention Twelfth Night. Too obvious?


Not German. >_>

Guybrush came from very violent family, abused by his alcoholic father. Guybrush doesn’t like women, he prefer men, preferably siblings, if possible.
Father beat up his mom often and kicked out Guybrush when he was 12 right after he found Guybrush sharing same bed with his brother, not mentioning the position.
Guybrush also have a sister Margot, that has been abused by her mother and she sent her to church school. After she ran away from church, she became a member of pirates group, just to help them to feel more comfortable at night.
As time passed, Guybrush decided to find his sister and wanted to become a pirate.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Seems like you had a few grogs too much before you posted that

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:sweat_smile: I used to write lots of weird stories with odd turnovers,… I used to answer those comments as: Truth hurt :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Before washing up on the shores of Mêlée Island [1], declaring that he would like to be a pirate [2], and making the hike to the Lookout Point seeking instruction in his chosen craft of pirating [3, 4], Guybrush Threepwood was from the Old World [5]. He had been abandoned by his parents (or so he thought; it may have been their deaths that separated them from him) [6, 7], but not before Guybrush’s mother had had time to try to get him to practice the piano, which he would later regret that he did not ever do [8]. But he was likely in an orphanage from a very young age [9].

It would become naive, young Guybrush’s life’s ambition to become a fierce, swashbuckling, bloodthirsty pirate [10]. He may have even lived on his own in a miniature-pirate-ship-styled houseboat and dressed in pirate costumes, discontent with his job, which he would have daily threatened to quit (only to not be taken seriously by his boss, of course) [11]. And during the Golden Age of Piracy in the late 1600’s, pirates were secure in their Caribbean strongholds, amassing huge fortunes from plundering shipments of New World gold; these tales of pirate wealth thus attracted Guybrush, as well as many other adventurers [5], and his travels led him – fresh from the Old World – to Mêlée Island (somewhere in the Caribbean) in a quest to fulfill his dream [5, 10].

But something must have caused the ship Guybrush was on to sink before he was able to safely reach Mêlée’s harbor in it, resulting in his washing ashore, leaving him alone in a new land where no one knew who he was or where he had come from, and with no money [1, 3, 5]. But what he did have were high hopes and an insatiable curiosity and desire to become a pirate [5, 12], though he was not yet truly aware that there was more to being a pirate than simply swinging a sword and drinking grog [10].

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