Who is Guybrush Threepwood?

I did some research, and there’s the definitive, canonical answer. I wonder if anyone could deduce which part of the Old World Guybrush would be from, or any other possible details of his life, using the information we have been officially given.

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Why double post? :slight_smile:


because the two threads are way too similar.

In my opinion they should merge, or, better, one of the two should be closed now that they mutually link to each other. Maybe @Calypso will decide what’s better.

Yeah, sorry about that. I found they were essentially addressing the exact same subject, so I didn’t know what the best route to take was

Also, it is worth noting that I left out any mention of Guybrush’s “brother” Chuckie, because, seeing as CMI reveals that the end of MI2 was all part of an evil spell of LeChuck’s to make Guybrush think he was a little boy; how Chuckie is named like LeChuck, looks like LeChuck, speaks like LeChuck, and is controlled/impersonated by LeChuck; and no brother of Guybrush’s is ever mentioned in any game outside of that one ending scene of MI2, that was surely just part of LeChuck’s trick, planting the lie of his being Guybrush’s brother - or even having a brother in the first place - in Guybrush’s head as part of the evil spell, in order to have better control/supervision of Guybrush.

you can always link to a post by clicking on the link button there and copying that in the other thread, rather than repeating the full post

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Can that be done?

Thank you for that information! I’m still a noob, haha :sweat_smile: