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Where is Guybrush coming from when he arrives at the Lookout Point at the start of TSOMI?


Did he just arrive on Mêlée Island™? If so, where did he make landfall? At Stan’s? But how did he get past the bridge troll then?

Or was he living on the island, has even been born there? Where is Guybrush’s house then? Lost on disk 22?

Seems like there is more than one Secret™ in this game!


There would be lots of to speculate. :beers:

If he just arrived, he is coming from Stan’s, but he arrived at night, probably sleeping on the ship for a days. How old is he? 17? He left his family months ago to follow his dreams. His home island is not on the map.

He past the bridge before George Lucas stepped on it.
The island has many other shores he could cast away and woke up days later.


Before he was Guybrush and arrived on the island he used to be Jeff Bridges but then got scanned to the game grid.


Well according to the intro cinematic of “Escape from Monkey Island” (if you count that game as canon) he states that “it’s hard to believe it’s been a few years since I washed up on the shores of Melee Island.”

So he just appeared out of thin air…

Or you could speculate that his ship sank, and he decided he wanted to be a pirate at that moment.


O come on guys!
It’s so clear! He got there as an illegal immigrant. After wandering homeless and jobless, he moped so much he convinced himself the only occupation he could get was to join organized crime. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, do we want to go with the “it was all a child’s play” interpretation?

Guybrush just “appears” there. It’s the moment where they start playing. He’s Guybrush, and he wants to be a pirate. It just starts there. Before, he was in the “real world”, being a kid and all. Oh, if only we got to see the third game.

If we don’t, well, he… uh… parachuted.

But the real question is: how did Guybrush get LeChuck’s beard if we see his ghost head launched to the sky with the beard still attached to the face?


Are you implying he might have arrived with

The Caravan?



“Beam me down Scotty”
“Aye aye, Guybrush”


I would, at least. While I took MI1 (and even 2) quite literal when I played them as a kid, I now believe that Guybrush is a kid at a (possibly pirate-themed) theme park, indulging in his fantasies. LeChuck must be his older brother (we all know, from hearsay or experience, that older siblings are always mean towards the young ones, right?).

Anyway, to answer the question, Guybrush just entered the park through the main gate (represented by the stone arch).

But who knows, maybe he’s just a poor guy tied to a chair somewhere in a lab, subjected to cruel brain experiments that cause funny “dreams”.


Does that make Monkey Island a Battle Royale game? :thinking:

Well obviously Guybrush picked it up later and put it on a lance outside his yard to keep Yehova’s Witnesses away…as one does, duh!

Then he put the beard in his pants…for comfort… :eyes:

I like that symbolic interpretation A LOT actually!

And I´m not easy to impress…oh wow look, a blue car! :blue_car:

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Well, a dead ghost pirate’s beard sure makes for good underwear.

Very very nice reference, my yellowloving friend.

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That´s the cue for @gffp to put that sentence on a Calvin Klein ad or something…





He was dropped off near the mountain top with a chopper. Obviously!

What goes up, must come down.

Who put that up there, by the way?


Al the (Stone) Archer?


Stop it, you reminded me of Call of Duty: Black Ops. :sleeping: (Isn’t there a yawning smiley?)

In Battle Royale you are gassed and wake up on the battlefieldMêlée Island.

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Well we’re shown in EMI that he washed ashore Melee Island before walking up to the lookout in SMI, and he doesn’t seem to be familiar with the Tri-Island Area or Gulf of Melange, so he’s probably from another island group or from the American colonies or something. I like to think he was working for a company as a fisherman but was never content with the job (as in the never-made, official, non-canonical Monkey Island movie), and perhaps a storm sunk his fishing ship one day, leading to him end up on Melee. Perhaps he had always been interested in pirates all his life, and so his washing ashore in a new land was the perfect start for a new life for him to become one, or maybe he was inspired by something he saw or something that happened before his ship sunk.


I had always assumed that he set out for Melee, knowing full well that it was a pirate nest, because announcing to random islanders that you want to be a pirate doesn’t sound like such a clever idea. OTOH, washing up on a pirate-infested island first and then thinking about a career change isn’t so stupid either :wink:.

Though I still have the impression that it must be the former, because he’s really pouring his heart into the whole ordeal.


I got a feeling he thought a pirate infested island called Melee would be the best place to learn some melee ( =close contact = fencing) combat techniques. :man_shrugging: