Why does the position of the pocket watch in the photo change randomly?

The odd thing is: Later Delores says she does not remember going to school, when Chuck asks her about it.

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Even more ironic is the fact that this happens in a dialogue that is all about plotholes.

It does not depend on who is looking at it. The dying rat in the Quickie Pal changes its position as well.

BUT… she remembers going to high-school with Leonard from QuickiePal.

Yes, but that makes sense. That would happen in the real world. A photo would not change in the real world (well, unless it was a digital photo frame, but those didn’t exist in 1987) :slight_smile:

That’s because Reyes’ father is alive. He lives in the textual adventure game. And can interact with the picture somehow…

Hi Zak, I really hope you didn´t just spoiler… I´m still not at the end…

No no, it’s just a theory :slight_smile:

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heart beats slower again :slight_smile:

You should really not be in this part of the forum if you want to avoid spoilers… Be careful.

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uhm I should not be in “general”? I thought the development and maybe a little bit the hints section, too is for that.

I believe in one of the blog comments, Ron pointed out the “going to school together” was supposed to be cut and not in the final game

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Good point - I didn’t realize this topic was under general, but still, general is a little vague - my advice still stands… be careful! I don’t want you to spoil your ending. It’s such an awesome game!

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Ron said that is a legitimate mistake on their part. He said that on the blog.

The lines about going to school together was just a mistake, I think they have been remove in the latest patch.

Reyes move out when he was 5. he could not go to school with Deloris

Please do not “fix” too much, otherwise you end up like George Lucas.


By all means, fix what is broken (like this particular loose end and, of course, game bugs). But like @lilbeeper, I would hope you are not “editing” your game by changing things around in an effort to “improve upon it” and “realize your true vision.” :slight_smile:


Why not? Fix Ron! Better becomes the game and the better it is!

I noticed yesterday that Delores says she went to school with the DJ too.