Delores' mother

I wish to know what happened to Delores’ mother.
Was she murdered by Franklin in the penthouse bedroom with a chainsaw ?

Wasn´t it mentioned in the ending that she never existed?

I don’t have a Clue.

Chuck says the mother never existed and Delores is incapable of remembering anything about her mother but I don’t buy it.
So I’m looking for clues of an existing Delores mother.

Delores doesn’t remember anything about ever going to school by the end of the game. However, Antonio reminds her of a kid she went to school with, and pizza man remembers Delores from school too.

Yeah and Leonard also confesses to having a had a crush on her in school days. But I think they removed those lines in one of the latest updates.

Wow. That would seriously suck in my opinion.

I don´t know if that applies to all the other lines that mention Delores and school but if this was done because it was inconsequential with the ending dialogue those other lines should logically be affacted by this as well. But I haven´t tested it, yet.

Yeah, I need to redo the game too because, the line about going to school could have been problematic for two reasons:
either because of the “we’re in a videogame, there was never a school in TP” ending
or because of the fact that Antonion left TP when he was 5 years old and thus couldn’t have known Delores at school.

Also Delores mentions that she went to the school (chemistry lab?) with the DJ Cassie if she gets caught by her. So there are more references about her past. When she talks with Rayes she’s sure she knows him from somewhere too.

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In fact there are so many references to Delores going to school that when I first played it and Chuck said “Do you even rembember going to school? Having any friends?” and Delores said “No, I don´t” I literally went “Wait, what? She keeps talking about all that all the time!”


If the references are so many, maybe removing just Chuck’s lines about the school could be a simpler solution, I guess?

Since this is only one of many examples for how illogical Thimbleweed Park functions (the stores, lack of kids, mother, specks of dust etc etc) in order to illustrate that it must be a simulation, removing just that one part wouldn´t seem like a big issue, yes.

Oh, I had not noticed with DJ Cassie.
I think these allusions to Delores going to school CANNOT be removed because they’re there to underline that Chuck IS LYING… that something is wrong about what happening inside the pillowtron 3000 room. Delores went to school but at this precise moment of the end of the game, she suddenly doesn’t remember anything about it. It’s done on purpose, it’s not clumsy writing.

Actually, in this one case, it is clumsy writing. :slight_smile: We wrote a couple of forgettable lines where Delores mentions going to school with different people (Leonard, Chet, Cassie), but then many many months later, I wrote the end Chuck dialog and completely forgot about these throwaway lines.



Delores Did Go To School


Maybe you should invent a dialogue dependency chart.


Does it matter if the contradiction was intentional or involuntary as long as the story gives to some players more ways to fantasize about what happened? Both the designed elements and the small mistakes make the story what it is.

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You fool! You could’ve patented that and sold it to him! :wink:

Damnit, it´s business decisions like that which just could explain my life situation

+++Dramatization might not be accurate+++