Any news on the uncensored DLC?

Ie. voice acting without beeps. Will it happen? Is it on the todo list?

Yes, it is all working (and hilarious). I had some issues with Steam and DLC so I took a break since we won’t release it until early 2018. It would get lost in the holiday rush. We have a few more updates planned in 2018.


Will decensoring Ransome have any effect on the lines of other characters?

For example, at one point the lawyer says to Ransome something like “Go beep yourself” and I wonder if the joke about the word “beep” would make sense also when Ransome will be not beeped anymore.

Sounds interesting!

I’d say, if they are part of a certain joke, they should just make an exception and keep some beeps, if they are essential to that joke to work.
They did a similar thing with the TV show “Drawn Together”. The TV version is heavily censored, but they did an uncensored DVD version. On very few occasions, they kept the censoring as part of a joke.

Of course, people wouldn’t call Ransome “the beeping clown” anymore. Changing that to “the cursing clown” would make sense.

It actually should be the “F-wording” clown…

It kind of still works if you view it as the other characters not wanting to swear, and saying beep instead - as sometimes people do that (like when people say ‘fudge’). That’s how I’d view it if I had no prior knowledge of the beeps.

Marge: I know you're upset. 
Bart: Darn right, I'm upset! 
Marge: Bart! Watch your language! Oh, you did. Sorry.
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So does he actually use the famous seven dirty words? Or did the actor use replacement words already which were beeped out anyway?

Originally, the actors said the dirty words.
Then, our very patient @david beeped them out.

We never wrote the “dirty words” ourselves, just the beep text. The actor was very adept at adlibbing the words, choosing from a far greater collection than just 7…


The only lines that will be unbeeped are Ransome’s.

OK, now I’m even more excited for this new content release!

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It will be a linguistic journey!