Permanently enabling the Ransome *Unbeeped* DLC

It’s been mentioned in the discussion, but I think it would be better to also create a separate topic about this:

We have some good news for those who would like to be able to play with the DLC at all times (currently, the option isn’t sticky to be kid-safe, so you need to turn it on in Options -> Video each time you start the game).

If you add the following line to your Prefs file (the Prefs file is located in the same folder as your Thimbleweed Park save games - more info here under “Where are my save games and preferences file?”), the DLC is going to be enabled permanently:

forceRansomeUnbeeped: 1

You can still disable Ransome’s uncensored voice whenever you want to, but when you start the game, the DLC is going to be “on” by default.


That’s fab, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: