Will we get a new game from Ron Gilbert and Team in near future?

Btw, Lara didn’t have much more polygons, just a little bit better resolution:

3 was huge upgrade graphically, as you still didn’t walk around freely, but in the position where you were you could turn around 360° and look up and down, it was a great upgrade. compared to the static rotation of previous instalments.

“Written by David Webb Peoples”…yes, that´s one of the screenwriters of Blade Runner, so I guess that could be considered kinda sorta official.

It’s like VR… without VR!
(Obduction (GOG) allows free 3D movement but also oldschool node-based navigation… which works really well for VR)

I didn’t try it with VR, but I love this game. It combines free movement of realMyst and Myst 5 with the better quality graphics of Myst 3-4.

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Hi guys new forum member here. I got so sad reading this thread I thought I better signup just to say so.

My favourite game developer of all time, the guys games raised me into the person I am today :slight_smile: (seriously!!!) and he appears to have lost all love for his work.

I’m going back to the start of the thread which was about 2 months ago i know, but I was trying to research if there was anything in the pipeline from RG and sadly it looks like there won’t be, at least the foreseeable future.

Don’t do Kickstarter, get your high-paid work for companies, I understand that. But pleaaaasssee maybe make something like your SCUMM games in your spare time :smiley: go on , just to make us happy, please!!!

Anyway, Love you Ron Gilbert. You da man!!!

I don’t actively try to ruin your day but if you want to become even more sadder read this whole thread:

Oh, and welcome here! :wave:

Abandon all hope ye who enter here…


Why not (in your opinion)?

This won’t work: Making a professional adventure game is a full time job. You can’t do it in your spare time as a one-man show.

We should start a new pop band called Depressive Mode. This name sounds like a huge success, so we can earn enough money to produce a new adventure. And if we can get Razor and the Scummettes as the opening act …


Hi! Even i am disappointed! BTW Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Why would you even begin to think this? I love making game and I continue to do it, every damn day. I just choose not to publicly talk about it. I don’t know what I’m doing next, but I’m building a lot of prototypes that interest me. I choose not to talk about them because 1) People shit on them if they don’t like them 2) People get hyped for something that is not real.

It will probably be a good year before I announce anything, but that doesn’t mean I’m not working every day on games.


I didn’t notice this sentence at first. This is not true, he seems very passionate about his games and about making new games.
The only sad part is that his games aren’t his games anymore except TWP.

Which is not a completely negative thing, if you make a Twitch stream out of it and call it “Uncle Ron’s live development of scrappy prototypes that will never become games”. :neutral_face:


I have to agree with @LowLevel: Ron tends to post screenshots of something without any explanations. It’s natural that we/the fans are speculating.

On the other hand I have to agree with @RonGilbert too: “Normal” players don’t know the meaning of a prototype. They only see: “Oh, a new game by Ron. Must be great!”

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A game prototype is like when an artist sketches for fun. They are just exploring some aspect of the subject, or exploring a technique. They are often crap to the untrained eye, because the untrained eye doesn’t know what to look at. Over the years, people have come to respect quick artist sketches and they hang in museums.

We’re not there yet with games. I bring my prototypes to a prototype meet-up every few weeks. No one cares they look like crap, it’s not what we are looking at. We have great conversations about the issues each of us is exploring. You don’t get that by posting stuff to the internet.

It’s probably the same for rough cuts of films. You need to be able to look beyond all the crappiness, most people can’t. They get too caught up in the bad sound or lack of music, or temp music.

When I posted those screenshots of the little rpg I’m playing around with I got a bunch of people hyped over something they knew nothing about, mixed with people crapping on it for reasons where I go “ah, yeah, it’s a prototype.” People are too used to seeing finished game screens, or prototypes that have been so polished that they aren’t real and done just for marketing and PR reasons.

The bottom line is I’m not going to talk about what I’m working on. I might post a screenshot or two and carefully monitor the feedback. There might be one aspect of it I’m interested in, and I watch for that and ignore all the rest.

But holy crap… I spend 8-10 hours a day working on games.


Rightly said! Making a game is not an easy task! It does not happen overnight!

Except if you are following the Evolutionary Prototyping method. :wink: Do you have any experiences with that development method in/for games?

btw: The “customers don’t know what a prototype is” thing is vaild for other software products too. For example if you start the development of an app with the GUI, you should never show this GUI to the customers. They think: “Oh, I can click on a button. The development of the app must be done already. That was quick.”

You are not alone! (Ok, Ok, with the exception that I don’t work on games :wink: )

@RonGilbert : did you do that budget breakdown? If so, would it be OK for you to share it? I think that developers might find it interesting.

I haven’ done it yet, but I plan too soon. It’s more work then I thought going back through all the invoices and adding up time and money. We didn’t really track people’s time, other then their invoices. Next project, I’m going to keep a running accounting of time spent for everyone.


Everytime I see that @RonGilbert has replied to this thread I anticipate him to just have replied:

“No, not just yet. Please stop asking already!”

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Hello to all the forum members, I’m new here and this is my first post…after reading all the discussions and Ron’s replies in this thread I am a bit sad, like @megabrogames

In some way I started to imagine that with TWP the era of GREAT adventures could be back again and TWP could be the first of a series of new wonderful adventures, maybe with the same style. I played TWP with my children (4, 6 and 9 years old, of course they already played Monkey 1, Monkey 2 etc etc) and now they ask me almost every week if Ron Gilbert and his team will create another wonderful adventure. “Dad, is there any hope to see a new game? a new Ron’s Monkey 3, big, huge, difficult, with all the humour and puzzles that we love so much (well…no unbeeped for them eheh)?”

I see here that it will be very very hard to see another game like TWP: Ron GIlbert gave so much, did so much effort to create this game with so many difficulties that it’s hard to imagine he can do it again. :sob:

Anyway…Thank you @RonGilbert ! TWP has been the best game I played from the time of Monkey 2.
I loved the graphic, the interface, the dialogues, all!

Thank you @RonGilbert from my children, they talk about you like one of the family…and they will keep dreaming that now, after TWP, Monkey 3 is incoming…I cant tell them the truth, let them dreaming :wink:

A big hug!