Xbox One X Enhanced Update?


when will we be seeing the Xbox One X Enhanced Update rolling out for Thimbleweed Park? All this horsepower is left unused at the moment!

I’d really like to replay it in 4k and HDR as the arcade was not in the game when I first played through. I think the atmosphere will really benefit especially from HDR.


The game has a fixed resolution at Full HD. The team would have to redraw all graphics in 4K and HDR. So it’s very unlikely that it will happen. Beside that: The game has pixel(!) graphics. Why do you want 4K and HDR?

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Ok, the 4K resolution is not really necessary, but HDR will improve not only the colors, but also allow for higher brightness. I can imagine the night scenes to benefit really alot from that - improving the atmosphere even further.

Can HDR be applied as a real-time filter or does it require the graphics to be redrawn?

It could be, yes, like most HDR TVs offer to “convert” SDR content to HDR.

But of course adjusting the brightness / contrast per scene by hand would give better results - but redrawing would not be needed imho.

Just imagine you suddenly had a wider histogram (like in Photoshop) due to the 10bit instead of 8bit resolution, so you can adjust brightness and contrast even further to have “deeper blacks and brighter whites”.

This isn’t real HDR, the pictures have just the look.

This isn’t enough: Due to the higher range of luminostiy you have much more “colors”. So you have to adjust each scene.

But of course you can use a filter that generates a look similar to HDR pictures. This is the way most simple HDR photo filters work. But these “pseudo HDR” isn’t “real HDR”.

The question still is: Why would you want to do this in TWP? The only part where it makes sense to me are the light effects (for example on the street).

To my knowledge, the benefit from using 4K would be the fact that 4K uses a better video compression which provides a better gradation of colors and brightnesses, so that the loss of quality is reduced in fact. Therefore, the artworks wouldn’t need to be reworked in order to get a better quality.
Though, I doubt that it would make a significant difference in TWP, because the graphics are “8-bitish” pixel-art, which would always look roughly graded.

I know nothing about 4K, until now I thought it was just a resolution, not a reference to a specific kind of video compression. Though, I’m pretty sure that videogame real-time graphics are generated and sent to the video output without compressing them in any way. Lossy compression applies to videos (to save storage and bandwidth) but there is no need to lossy compress generated graphics (like a PC desktop or a videogame) before sending it to the output device.

Exactly: It is just a higher resolution. 4K means that all images have a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels.

I guess @BigRedButton refers to the UHD standard: It uses a more efficient compression algorithm for videos. But that doesn’t apply for video games.

If you would like to support a higher resolution in TWP then you have two options:

  • Redraw all graphics in 4096 x 2160.
  • Scale the current graphics.

As TWP uses pixel graphics, the second option leads just to bigger pixels. And 4K-Displays scale the graphics already themselves.

I’m not an expert, but I read about the compression in conjunction with HDMI 2.0. Is a lossless 4K transmission via HDMI possible? I have assumed that the signal would have to be compressed in any case.

Cite: HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a proprietary audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed video data …
With HDMI 2.1 there is a Display Stream Compression available, but that uses a lossless compression.

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