"PS4 Pro Enhanced"

Just wondering specifically what technical improvements are improved with a PS4 Pro. More pixels?!

Certainly not. Where does it say that? I happen to have a PS4 Pro.

Yes, but hidden behind the usual ones!

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4K output and HDR is 2 things that aren’t available on the normal PS4 as far as I am aware

Sadly neither of those things can really be taken advantage of without a 4K tv with HDR

The PS4 (Pro) got an update a while ago that added a feature called supersampling mode. Can´t say I´m able to tell a difference, though.

Some games look a bit more realistic. E. g. shadows are more detailed, more bushwoods and so on. Though, as long as all games can run on both PS4 editions, you don’t really need to buy a Pro, I think.

It´s said to make a big difference for VR. But since I haven´t got a regular PS4 I could connect my Headset to I really can´t tell.

On the game’s PS4 page: https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/games/thimbleweed-park-ps4/
it says “PS4 Pro Enhanced”. Must just be better resolution, I just wasn’t able to find specific info anywhere and was curious.

We do nothing special for the PS4 Enhanced (or the supped-up Xbox) other than that we detect the higher res modes and switch to them, but due to the game being pixel art, there is no visual (or any other) difference.