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David Fox (with Annie Fox) and Noah Falstein in Germany in August! (+The price of pizza)

I can attest that I solved this one as a child and NOT by random chance!
We had a walkthrough for part 1 in a magazine :grin:
But we used it very sparingly and I honestly cannot remember if we looked this one up or not. I do remember finding the solutions by myself to getting a bread (rather by accident) and retrieving those breadcrumbs without flushing them or anything. So most likely we looked it up when looking for breadcrumbs after trying to use it on the birdfeeder.


I found the bread more or less by accident too. I had entertained that something might happen if I tried a couple times as a possibility, but I didn’t expect something like that in a LucasArts title.

Trying to use the garbage disposal is something that was somehow immediately obvious to me as soon as I had it though. I carried breadcrumbs for ages not knowing what they were for until practically the end of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi David,

a few years ago we made a weekend trip to Gengenbach too. (Vereinsfahrt = Club ride??)
It´s a very lovely and small town.
We visted a very nice family distillery, and several other sites and had a lot of fun.

But what was really remarkable was when we made a hike with a guide to a small mill.
We walked already some time along a forest when we aproached a place to rest with a heavy wooden bench and a huge and massive wooden table. On the side on a tree was a chest.
Inside were some bottles of diferent schnapps from this region and some glases. You could just sit there and try the different ones. You could clean the glases in a little creek right beside it. And there was a little money box to donate for this “service”.

Something like this would never ever be possible were I live. The kids or somebody else would steal all the booze. Not to talk about there is a lot of alcohol just open for everyone and nobody sees it.

But for us it was great at this point. :smiley:


Is there a sign, like “drink and get drunk” ?

I can´t remember, but just googled it. I really found it. :slight_smile:

That´s the Mill:

And that´s the “Schnapsbrunnen”:,8.0396115,514m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x8339f56a285debbc!2zTcO8bGxlcidzIE3DvGhsZQ!8m2!3d48.38749!4d8.04044!3m4!1s0x47912a62f08b07c9:0xe0b5175b0d951cf3!8m2!3d48.3963283!4d8.0404687

Looks like they changed it, it´s way more comfortable now. :laughing:

Yeah and they have a sign:

It´s a rhyme saying: Hey take a seat, rest and get a shot. Please clean the glas and donate, thanks.

And it´s Video monitored now too.


David Fox has been given this original Zak McKracken action figure, printed in 3D.

The author, Marie Sydby, gave permission to everyone, to freely print this model, check out this tweet:


aaand ordered :smiley:

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aaand me too!

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Yes, we do. I have such an appliance in my sink. And I used to have it also in my previous home

TBH, I knew it from Zak and decided it was a practical and ecological idea, then decided to have one. And I’m the only guy I know who has it in Italy.


Was it difficult and/or expensive to get one?

You are the only guy I know in Europe who has that :smile:



Not hard at all (article about online shops selling them), but often implicitly or explicitly banned. In the Netherlands the device itself isn’t banned like it is in Belgium, but draining trash into the sewer system is. So you could install one, just not use it. (I suspect chances of being discovered as a regular household are slim to none.)

This study says there’s basically no effect on the sewer system with regard to blockages if no warm water is used as recommended by the manufacturer. (Methinks the engineers should consider that loads of people are going to use warm water regardless what manufacturers recommend, lulz.)

Dutch government letter from '05 about the disposal ban:

In Deutschland wird eine solche Zulassung, wie in vielen EU-Ländern auch, zumeist abgelehnt. DIN 1986-100, Nr. 6.5 vom Oktober 2001:[4] „Zerkleinerungsgeräte für Küchenabfälle, Müll, Papier usw. sowie Handtuchspender mit Spülvorrichtung, bei denen das zerkleinerte Spülgut in die Entwässerungsanlage gelangen kann, dürfen nicht an die Abwasseranlage angeschlossen werden,“[5] allerdings wird das Gerät in der Nachfolgeregelung 12056 nicht mehr erwähnt. Es gibt in Deutschland kein nationales Verbot, einzelne Gemeinden verbieten aber Abfälle, auch zerkleinerte, in ihren Entwässerungssatzungen.


Thanks, I’ll need that to continue/complete my Dutch translation of Zak!


Difficult. Nah. When buying my kitchen, I asked the guy for it. He didn’t lift an eyebrow. He showed me his catalog, with models ranging from €200 to €800.
I chose a €300 one. Well, less than a dishwasher, anyway.


I made a research before buying it, and I discovered in Italy there’s a law which allows them, and even offer a discount on your TARI (Waste tax) if you install it.
Anyway, since these appliances are very seldom used in Italy, I think that tax discount is merely a theoretical thing.


Sounds pretty amazing. Thanks for doing the research and looking it up. Not sure if we’ll attempt to go, but I really like the story.


A discount? So you’re supposed to put all food waste in there?

Not that it would be much for us; besides the compost we barely have any. It’d be convenient to dispose that way of a piece of chicken or something the cats didn’t like though, but most of our cat waste is actually stuff like chicken fat that decidedly shouldn’t go down that way.

On reflection it does seem that ground up food waste should in effect be similar to other organic matter (i.e., poop). This paper is about a refuse treatment facility with overcapacity.

An interesting quote from that one:

New York City expressly prohibited the use of food waste disposers in the beginning of the 1970s (Wicke, 1987). The reason for this was among other things an overflow of untreated wastewater. Therefore, it was desired not to introduce unnecessarily large amounts of organic material by permitting the installation of disposers.

This ban in New York apparently provoked a large number of studies in the United States, praising the food waste disposer in the same unreflecting way some European studies have vilified it.

Just discovered that Wikipedia has a major omission here

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The Zaks are comming! My Zak arrived and Zaks Zak is on it´s way to Zak :smiley:


I’ll post a picture as soon as it arrives!

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