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David Fox (with Annie Fox) and Noah Falstein in Germany in August! (+The price of pizza)

Sounds pretty amazing. Thanks for doing the research and looking it up. Not sure if we’ll attempt to go, but I really like the story.


A discount? So you’re supposed to put all food waste in there?

Not that it would be much for us; besides the compost we barely have any. It’d be convenient to dispose that way of a piece of chicken or something the cats didn’t like though, but most of our cat waste is actually stuff like chicken fat that decidedly shouldn’t go down that way.

On reflection it does seem that ground up food waste should in effect be similar to other organic matter (i.e., poop). This paper is about a refuse treatment facility with overcapacity.

An interesting quote from that one:

New York City expressly prohibited the use of food waste disposers in the beginning of the 1970s (Wicke, 1987). The reason for this was among other things an overflow of untreated wastewater. Therefore, it was desired not to introduce unnecessarily large amounts of organic material by permitting the installation of disposers.

This ban in New York apparently provoked a large number of studies in the United States, praising the food waste disposer in the same unreflecting way some European studies have vilified it.

Just discovered that Wikipedia has a major omission here

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:nose: :nose:
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The Zaks are comming! My Zak arrived and Zaks Zak is on it´s way to Zak :smiley:


I’ll post a picture as soon as it arrives!

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Zank you Zak, for Zak


Ordered where? Or do you mean a 3D printer as opposed to an object?

From this online 3D print service:

Best prices, you can choose the material you prefer, quick delivery.
Just upload the .SLT file provided by the author, in the David Fox’s tweet.

Mine is arrived JUST NOW!
It’s raw, it must be polished and painted by hand, but it’s COOL!!!

The material I chosen is ABS, the cheapest one. If you want a higher level of coolness, you can choose another material, upto titanium, if you can afford it!


My one needs Polish too. A lot of polish. Same Material, but looks like lower quality. Or bad printer settings. Has some holes here and there but has Sharp edges. I’ll see how I fill the holes.

So I’m getting some sandpaper and start sanding :smile:


Ah yes, let’s spend half the month’s earnings on a titanium doll. :crazy_face:

I swear, I’ll not judge you for the way you spend YOUR money! :smiley:

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They charge almost 15€ for shipping?! No thanks… :crazy_face:

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No, 15 for Titanium. ABS charged me 4 euros.

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Speaking of 3D printing titanium, you guys should watch Savage Builds. :wink:


I just checked again. since yours looks so different, I ordered PLA, not ABS.
Did you really order ABS? You told me you orderd PLA too. In that case the price difference would make sense too.

EDIT: opened an extra thread for it:

I ordered the cheapest one, the first on the left.
Maybe I got confused, because PLA and ABS are very similar to each other.


Uhm… let’s make a small OT game. Can anyone guess what’s that object in your pic? Please, @Frenzie, don’t spoil it.

Please, don’t write your answer here, I don’t want to make this more an OT of what is yet. Send me your replies in PM. You have 48h from now. Try to be as much precise as possible in your guess!

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And the winner is…



He was brave enough to submit his guess, and clever enough to guess it right.

The mistery object in the pic is a customized cup for an hip joint arthroplasty.

Learn more

The cup is labeled as "acetabular component in this picture. The custom implant posted by Frenzie has some metallic wings with holes in them, in order to provide better fixation of the implant with screws.


Woohoo! What did I win? A hip replacement?



Errrrrr. No. A discount on it, actually.

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