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A cross-holiday greeting from Steve Purcell


Source: Sam & Max Funhouse, run by Steve himself.


apparently nobody noticed the spelling error “iMspirational”


I did!


Just wanted an excuse to post this Halloweeny Sam and Max pic :smile:

Source: same as above.


Sadly Steve isn’t posting anything anymore on his blog.
There is a lot of great art!

Like this: (be sure to follow the link there!)



What is all this unhealthy stuff? Are they trying to kill the turkey?


Of course not! They’re just trying to spread joy to the creatures that often don’t get the gratitude they deserve at this time of year!

Max can’t wait to eat him.


That’s an inductivist turkey.


a wissenschaftliche Weltauffassung

After the first two syllables I already knew it was Austrian :wink:

Note for our non-German speaking friends:

“a” in German is slang for “a” in English in regions like Bavaria and most of Austria.


I very much like his paintings.

I miss a saucy fluffy Sam & Max adventure badly.