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A slight user interface inconsistency


I’ll give it a go tomorrow. I don’t want to boot WIndows (whether 7 or 10) atm. :smiley:

(Not even in a VM.)


No, 64-bit


“Then you should try Trinity (a KDE 3 fork)

Thanks for the info :-).


Actually I have Windows 7 running on my work laptop atm and it doesn’t do right click, activate option in context menu with right click.


I’ve tested it today in a VM with Win8 and there it worked. I’ll try Win 10 as soon as I have access to it.


I’d assume it to be the same as 8. :slight_smile:


But it’s a product from Microsoft, so I’ll better check that … :wink:


I can confirm it works in my Windows 10 btw.


Ah, thanks, then I don’t have to check it. :slight_smile: