About the wrench puzzle

I finally realised what really made me uncomfortable with this puzzle. If you yourself try to call the pidgin brothers, they dont answer the phone, but only play a pre-recorded message. So how come they answer the phone call from the hotel guy? Any thoughts?

Because the manager reports some paranormal activity.

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Good point. So by chance they picked up the phone and then he could tell them?

Maybe they didn´t and he just left a message for them on their answering machine?

Because the signals were strong that night. So they knew somebody was calling to report a paranormal activity.

Shouldnt i be able to do the same?

Hehehe. Good one! Maybe one only needs to have a sincere paranormal problem and they pick up when there are the right signals

Maybe your character doesn´t leave a message because (s)he doesn´t have anything paranormal to report (it´s not your hotel afterall).

Shouldnt be s call by Franklin paranormal enough?

Or maybe they don’t come because a global game state variable isn’t set yet?

Sorry, forth-walling again…


Franklin is only capable of paranormal obsceneties, somehow.

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The pigeon brothers were at home and they just screen calls using the answering machine. A lot of people do that.