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Possible glitch help - SOLVED - not a glitch but an unsolved puzzle about Pigeon Bros Business Card


I think I did things a little out of order. I’m at part 4 of the game and my only playable characters at this point are Delores, franklins ghost, and the clown, and I’m supposed to give the receptionist at the hotel the pigeon bros business card but the agent that had the card just went on the bus and dissapeared so how can I get the card to give to the guy when the person who had it is gone?


Hi, welcome to the forums!

This is not a glitch :slight_smile: I don’t want to spoil anything - let’s just say that the situation with the agents isn’t final. You should focus on some other puzzles for now. If you need any help with what you could be solving, you can dial the in-game HintLine (4468), for example on the phone that’s located in the hotel lobby.


Yeah… that phone which magically appeared there…