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Adventure Game Book

Hello guys, I was asked to do a cover for an adventure game book, needless to say I was very excited and it was lots of fun to do so I wanted to share, there aren’t many characters featured in it but I included one character from Thimbleweed Park :wink:

The book is being sold at:

And the art can be seen here a bit better:

Hope you guys like it.


Who are those girls hanging out on top?

Those would be Goal and Fran Bow, funny thing is the creator of Fran Bow also wrote the Prologue of the book but I didn’t know about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh right, I haven’t played Fran Bow yet. I think my wife might have it. I’m not sure who Goal might be though. And while I’m at it, I also don’t recognize that woman on Simon’s left and the joker (troll?) in front of Larry. :slight_smile:

Goal is the love interest from Deponia. Can’t remember if she’s ever a playable character, but basically all the games revolve around chasing after her.

The lady next to Simon I would guess might or might not be Zanthia from Legend of Kyrandia.

And the guy dressed up as a joker reminds me of Gobliiins, but again I don’t think it’s any of the playable characters.

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Reminds me more of Malcolm from Legend of Kyrandia…

I thought so at first, too, but look:

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That is correct, the woman is Zanthia and the jester is from Gobliins 2.
The idea wasn’t to display playable characters only, after all you can’t play with purple tentacle nor Murray or Goal but they are recognizable characters on their games :).

:man_facepalming: Now I remember! Of course! Thanks @kaiman for the picture!

The eyes gave it away :slight_smile:.

Oh, and with the who is who finally sorted out, I also have to say that this cover looks fantastic. Nice job, @glenfx!


Thank you!!

Great cover art! I love how you took all these characters from lots of different styles and managed to make them your own, infusing a certain sense of black humor along the way.

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Couldn’t think of anything else too.
But from the looks it basically shouts “Pierre Gilhodes”, I really should have guessed the game series!

Oh it looks great. I like the emphasis on point’n’click!
I recognized most of the characters and inventory items except Goal, Zanthia and the jester.

I wish they’d make an English version…

What is in the top right corner? Looks like a picture of someone with a lance.

Thank you!

I never expected someone to notice it but I wanted to make a sort of nod to the dig with a “space landing” photo (so it’s supposed to be an astronaut holding a flag haha!!) but it was something I threw in really quick just to add textures since it was going to be covered by the title and the background wasn’t going to have any focus.

Yeah, they are kind of limiting their stuff to the market in Spain, not sure if it’s due to licensing.
Oh, the objects on the screen are the same Guybrush has around him too :P, I wanted to add a few more but time was limited.

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Thank you!!

I saw some kind of helmet and was thinking of a knight with a lance, but now I see it!

What I also like is the necklace made of a diverse group of travelers and the cheekbone of Purple. Reminds me a little bit of Saw.

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