New adventure game out: Detective Gallo

/edit: Seems to be a developer from Italy. Website here:


Gah, all three GOG things (Golem, Gallo, Foxtail) are so tempting.

I am pleasantly surprised to find this game on GOG!
It even comes with soundtrack (MP3 and FLAC).

Btw. the game includes English and Italian voice overs.

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Yes. They come from Italy, I’ve checked their site. Also the graphic style reminds me that one of some homegrown cartoonist that drew their stories on Disney comic series.
Giorgio Cavazzano for example:

here an homage for @FormosaFalanster (Cavazzano puts Mickey Mouse in the guise of Corto Maltese)


Wow thanks a lot, this is really awesome artwork! Even emulates Hugo Pratt’s watercolour style. Really beautiful!

I always thought the Italian Disney comics were underrated. They were graphically very well made and the storylines were actually very clever.

It’s funny because recently I remembered one I read as a kid about Donald Duck being sent to investigate the disappearance of planes above a certain island. I found it online and I was amazed at the quality of the drawings and storytelling.

PS hey I just checked, the story I am talking about is actually illustrated by Giorgio Cavazzano and its original title is “Paperoga e l’isola a motore”.


By whom and compared to what? The vast majority of what I think of as “Donald Duck” and even more generally “Disney” is Italian, besides some of the comics from the '40s.

I do rate it lower than classic Suske & Wiske, Asterix, Spirou, Prince Valiant, etc. though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know, I just barely ever hear anyone praising them, even though there are so many people expressing admiration for any other kind of comic books.

Besides Cavazzano, there are many great Italian Disney artists to be remembered: Luciano Bottaro, Massimo De Vita, Romano Scarpa, Giovan Battista Carpi.

I was raised reading those comics. I prefer Carl Barks, of course, (aka “the god”). The stories of Italian authors hold less well today, for adults, than Carl’s stories, but some are enjoyable.