New Year's Resolutions

It’s so funny, that I actually don’t need any subtitles, as they had native speakers doing the voices - no accent whatsoever. I also hope, that one day 3rd part will appear, I should contact them just to ask.

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Find the time to write few mystery stories, and find a way to make them playable!

Bring family to Disneyland.

Enter top 120 table tennis in my country.

Avoid going broke in the process, and if possible grow my company.

Double check that Ron Gilbert is not trying to make games with too few side quests.


Those are great :smile:

I got a new one:

-Convince enough forum users who use a a custom “letter avatar” to like a post in an order so it forms a word.


I’m in.

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I have a four-letter avatar, does it count?


That looks like “I :heart: Guga” but with @PiecesOfKate instead of a heart.

I Kate Guga… does that even mean anything? Good you’re not “pieces of hate”.

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With @ema ´s recent accusations, could we please change the subject as fast as possible? :open_mouth:

Anyway I was actually expecting @someone to join in and I´m sure we have a C and an M as well…

So I depend on your cooperation people! :slight_smile:

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And I also nearly wrote in response to your quiz answers: I’m glad you entered :joy:

Sorry, I’ve had too much Christmas cheer…


:thinking: I don’t think that SCM is a correct English word …

(Oh, wait: my dictionary says it’s the abbreviation for sternocleidomastoid - what ever that is…)

For some reason I thought of this:


I also haven´t felt this much like being in school since…well, being in school.

So would you guys stop it with the sitcom "wooohhh"s everytime somebody says something that can be read in certain ways?!

What do you mean you´re not doing that? That´s not in my head is it?! :cold_sweat:

It seems to be a thing that´s important for headbanging.

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But if Ignacio is in, we have … hm … SCIM or MISC… (I really have to play Scrabble more often…)

Double should be possible for instance if we have you and @simonsimon we can have 2 S.

@kaiman @Ignacio @simonsimon @Someone


Wanna join the Kiss army you guys?

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Let me start, then

But haven’t we to use all letters?