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Adventure game merchandise that you own or desperately want


Boy did I misread that.


You skipped the “r” didn´t you?


I spent quite some time to find an alternative misreading that was funny enough, but I couldn’t.

By the way if you look for “milan shirt” on google, of course this is what you get:


Out of nowhere? :scream:

runs outside holding out hands wishing for other cool stuff like that to fall from the sky


Duck! It´s a fishbowl!!!


Looks more like a second-hand space helmet to me…


Well, from my monkey-in-law I mean mother-in-law who probably doesn’t even know what it means :laughing:


She’d wouldn’t believe you if you’d try to explain it to her anyway.
Sure, right, Sweetie! :crazy_face:


I’m darn well going to try!

See, he needs to get across the water. So he takes this rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle and-

Can’t he call an Uber?


no, the phone is only in the second game… there is a Voodoo Lady though

Can’t he just swim, then? I heard he can hold his breath for ten minutes.


That is… a very good point :open_mouth:


Well, I have got a TIP for you… just tell her
“How appropriate… you fight like a cow!”

In all seriousness: your mother-in-law is awesome for getting you that hoodie!


I have a few items that I made myself and a couple of official merch, for the official I own a Max in flames T-shirt the 3 Sam & Max books as well as the set of pins from the telltale S&M season 3.

And I can’t wait to buy the new figures of Sam & Max.

About the items I made myself and I still have around are some poster prints from the fan art I painted for Monkey Island 2, DOTT and Grim Fandango, I also made two Grog jars about Tales of Monkey Island and a pencil topper of the Mafia toy bears.

I also painted a Star Wars helmet I wish I owned :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s an interesting place you found for Max to stick the pencil in! :joy:

Where can we see more of your fabulous fanart? Is any of it for sale?


Wow! I have a lot of Sam&Max merchandise but nothing self-made…

Those are great tentacles: larger but more slim.

I love their song!


@PiecesOfKate Just found this sketch from Grickle from last year:

“Start the reactor…” :slight_smile:





Haha, I think it was Max approved ;).
And Thank you, I have a few more fanart pieces at my artstation page here:

I have a few prints of the Monkey Island fanart, but shipping from my country it’s very difficult at the moment (I live in Venezuela).


Haha, thank you, I was inspired by the tentacles in Maniac Mansion, they where larger and thinner so I wanted them to look like those.