Adventure games bought during GOG and Steam summer sales 2017

So today I got Downfall, because it looks exactly like The Cat Lady. And finally Shadowrun Dragonfall, because I absolutly loved Shadowrun Returns and the consensus on Dragonfall seems to be that it´s much better than Returns, can´t wait to try!

Finished Downfall today. Took me 5 hours vs The Cat Lady´s 10 hours. I liked it too, but can´t say if I liked it more or less than The Cat Lady and I´m not sure what order to play those those in now because even though the original Downfall came first this remake I played was tweaked at the end to include Susan Ashworth.

From what I´ve seen of Harvester so far it´s more over the top weird to the point of being ridicioulous, not dark and moody like the Harvester Studio Games. Which doesn´t mean I don´t like it, but it seems very different.

The summersale was what led me to Thimbleweed Park.

I bought Monkey Island 1+2, and then on a whim I decided to go hunt in Steam for similar games. (Already had Indy 3+4, Day of the Tentacle in Steam) Almost missed it too, found it by pure luck, its not like its the first game that pop up if you search steam for Point’n’Click.

Edit: I just tested that again to see how hard it is to find, and actually now it the very first game Steam suggests when clicking tag Point’n’Click. Don’t know if its due to me recently playing that, or if its random or something. Pretty sure it wasn’t that easy a week ago.

Must note I have been avoiding Monkey Island since in old days I had a C=64 and Monkey island was for Amiga, which me and my friends sorta viewed as the enemy. But playing it now so many years later must admit its very good games, but Maniac Mansion I still consider better.

Other similar games than Thimbleweed Park I bought this summer sale:

  • I have no Mouth and I must Scream
  • Fester Mudd

Machinarium, Samorost 2, Broken Age and a whole bunch of Myst games + Riven and Obduction.

Still a couple of days to go for a final spree, so I may yet add to that. It’s guaranteed that I’ll purchase more games but I don’t know if I’ll get more adventures (PnC specifically). Dropsy interests me.

I bought so far:

all the wadjeteye games I did not yet have . (i.e. only golden wake (very good so far, great atmosphere and graphics) and primordia-- I have all the others)

A lot of Daedalic games, because so many of you love them I decided to give them a try:

  • Deponia (which I am finding awful so far… I don’t like combining objects in farfetched ways, except when Ron Gilbert does it. Somehow it works then. :slight_smile: ),

  • chaos on deponia

  • dark eye

  • memoria

  • a new beginning

  • night of the rabbit

  • the whispered world

last door 1 and 2 (underwhelming; I was expecting something like Chronicles of Innsmouth)

gray matter , by the author of Gabriel Knight 1 I think. Despite the graphic style ( I dislike 3d-rendered graphics), I trusted the author.

I have no mouth and I must scream.

After getting fed up with Obduction (:disappointed:) I finally started playing The Cave! I LOVE the style. It’s very Limbo-like – I like how it combines a platform format with puzzles, and that there’s an eerie hollow sound instead of music. I’m stuck already but I don’t really care just yet – the characters are interesting enough to play about with.

I know others have mentioned getting frustrated about having to get all the characters through, but I guess we’ll see.

I’m playing on desktop but considering switching to the mobile version – it looks like it would lend itself well provided the controls don’t get too fiddly.

Which three characters are you playing with?

At the moment, The Adventurer, Twins and Time Traveller – but I might change that as I’m still near the start :roll_eyes:

I guess that means you´re still before the point of no return when you have to settle with the ones you have selected(you´re warned before that). The Adventurer and Twins have some of my favourite puzzle/plot elements but the Time Traveller may be a bit complicated for starters (I´d maybe choose the Scientist instead). I´d also warn of the Monk because he has a part that requires some patience and dexterity. Otherwise you´re good to go!

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Yes indeed, still at the very beginning. In my defence I think I can see what I need to do but it doesn’t work the way I’m doing it (I’m assuming I need the Adventurer for it).

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Edit: ooh I think I’ve just figured it out!

Can you die, by the way?

What was it now? :smiley:

When you´re inside The Cave try jumping down from a high altitude and prepare to be amused (feel free to repeat).

I’ve been trying to grapple a hook which didn’t work. I’m now thinking I might need to intentionally break the bridge and do it from down there. If I’m wrong don’t tell me – I don’t want help yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Heheh, noted.

:no_mouth: :ok_hand:

The game isn’t particularly buggy but sadly the big Time Traveller puzzle can be a little annoying because of some bugs. Even if you figure it out it may work or not (it seems like it depends on how you control the characters and how you switch between them).

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I didn´t really experience many bugs on the PS3, but the Time Traveller indeed has a few trappings.
But also as I´ve said I think the Monk can be a big annoying due to the thing with the wind, where you have to move slowly and turn around. But I liked the water puzzle that most probably will be familar with through Die Hard With A Vengeance.

Haha, I was clearly overcomplicating that, then. Are those hooks just for scenery? Anyway, I’m now about to enter the cave. I’ve settled on the Adventurer, Twins and Scientist.

I fell on a spike which I think had the same effect - I enjoyed the incremental, sarcastic commentary that ensued :smile: the narration is really good.

At this point in the game, I would think so. At least I can´t remember what they were for.

After I had completed the game with all characters I beat it once more and I also chose exactly those three! :smiley:

They have some of the best plotlines that make for some very very dark humour(I also like the settings for their individual sections of the cave).

Have fun and remember “there is no dying in The Cave!”


Yeah, Harvester is dark too, but that’s right, it’s a different experience. Harvester Studio Games are more sane.

I bought the Blackwell Bundle, despite thinking the idea with ghost detective is stupid. I played the first game already and didn’t like it. The rest are supposed to be better though so I wanted to finish it anyway.

There’s a nice Lovecraft inspired game in the works called Lust of Darkness. It’s first person but there’s no fighting and at least the demo is close to adventure games. I actually edited the video and did sound for their trailer so I’ll link it here. I don’t know anything else, but I liked the demo a lot and I think it’s worth to check out.