Adventure games for the whole family

Inspired by this thread, I would like to know if there are adventure games that are suitable for the whole family?

I remembering sitting around “Winter Games” in the 80s with parents, their friends and other kids. I wonder if there are adventure games that could do the same if played from the sofa on a big (TV-)screen.

I would guess that Monkey Island is such a game: It has no violence or horror elements and everybody loves pirates. :wink:

Any other suggestions?

Machinarium (also passes the criterium of not needing to be able to read yet or understand English)

Not sure about no horror and violence in MI though (all that Voodoo, Ghost/Zombie pirates, grave robbing, spinning navigator’s head,…)


Winter Games by Epyx? It was not an adventure game.

…dancing sceletons in part 2…

Yes, but they are not very spooky and drawn in a more “comic” way.

Correct, I used it just as an example for a perfect “family game”. :slight_smile:

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having played all the Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam with my 5-year-old girl, I am now turning to the competition: “mixed up fairy tales”. :slight_smile:


Seems nice.

Still, I’d like something with fewer dialogues. (something like machinarium or Gobliins 2, but much easier)

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Is this a sequel of “Mixed up mother goose” from Sierra?

Yes, I think it is. They were originally in EGA it seems.

“Mixed-Up Mother Goose” exists in different versions. Mobygames has a VGA version and a “deluxe” version:

(Hm… I vaguely remember that I have the VGA version somewhere…)