Agent Reyes missing from my savegame

I just loaded up my savegame I played yesterday, and the agent is missing from chars I can play.

Am about ready to enter factory, but I need him to do so.

Can upload the savegame if needed.

Playing on: Steam on windows

Plus I have to enable Ransom DLC everytime I start playing, it don’t get saved.
Also the coroner is hidding in the corner:

Recipe for getting coroner to show:
1: Agent Ray go to his office
2: Go look at all the books in bookcase.
3: Look at the tubes in the tron machines from right to left.

Maybe these two things are intentional? :wink:

/edit: To be more specific:

The suspicious behavior of the coroner is part of the story.

The DLC has to be enabled each time. Here is explained why and how you enable it permanently:

Where was the agent the last time you played/see him?

After some 5-10 minutes he came back. Maybe I just forgot how that all works.

Thanks for the replies.

Check his to-do list, and you might find out what happened.
Well, sort of. :wink: