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The Town Of Cats (I didn´t know how else to pluralise with emojis).

And this just made me think of Arthur “Two Cats Sheds” Jackson


Also try The Human Chair. :slight_smile:


I also got a story collection by Junjio Ito.


Is this something for @milanfahrnholz and/or @PiecesOfKate?


Doesn´t sound bad! Plus people say that arthritis might be the number one rock guitarist illness of the future, so that is a good thing too! :+1:


That’s a lot of horror! :open_mouth:



Just finished reading Tuesdays with Morrie,
I have to admit that it is quite the book I was looking for in Non-Fiction… I seriously cried as I reached the last pages… I highly recommend u guys to give it a try…
P.S. “Love others, or Perish”


Thanks for the reminder. A couple other people told me I should read that, so I should put it on my list.

I’m currently reading a fairly bleak (but good) book called The Toughest Indian in the World. It’s a collection of short stories from the perspective of an American Indian. Very interesting but very intense for bedtime reading!

I’ll have to try Tuesdays with Morrie next.


Hey, I like that stuff just fine too. :wink:

That being said, on that particular collection I’d just stick to the $1 one if I got it.


Most important part:

(I may have to remove this in case this violates copyrights)


That reminds me a bit of the Grimms fairytale about a cat that takes revenge.

Though in this cat I mean case it’s obviously a very accurate snapshot of the future.



For a second there, I wished there was a video of that and then I remembered why it wouldn´t work! :sweat_smile:




Gotta try that one out! I love everything related to my country… I will try it in Christmas holidays :christmas_tree::santa::bell::snowflake:


Haha, yeah, if he drove around in it I definitely would’ve filmed it :sweat_smile:


In this case it’s not about your country.:slight_smile:

It’s written by an American Indian from the Pacific Northwest with roots to the Spokane tribe.

Maybe not too far from Thimbleweed county :reyes:


@TaarakVakil: Happens to the best of us. Who could have known that a film titled “The World’s Fastest Indian” isn’t about a marathon runner from Mumbai either :blush:.


The Ray Bradbury Story “The Crowd” concerns itself with a topic that is still relevant unfortunately today.

And that are crowds of gathering to stare at street or road accidents. Written in the 1940s this might have been very topical with the automobile traffic and consequently accidents increasing in significant numbers.

At the heart of the story is the thought that all these onlookers are always the same people arriving at accidents faster than you can open your eyes, always saying the same thing and in the worst case scenarios moving the body, greatly endangering the survival of the victim.

There is not a huge twist per se, since the core message is very clear early on and you can see what will happen to the main character very early on.

And it is a thing even more of a problem these days where everyone has a cellphone and filming, with police and ambulance asking for greater penalties since they say it really makes it difficult for them to get through and do their work, again putting lives that could be saved at great risk.

Maybe this story is ripe for a modernised adaptation!


Fun fact about this anthology: At least two Twilight Zone episodes are contained therein. Namely “It´s A Good Life” and “The Howling Man”.