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I don´t think I´ve seen that. I believe that was the first Hulu/Bad Robot thing. And now there is Castle Rock. I wish he´d give more to netflix like Gerald´s Game (which was amazing) or 1922 (which was just nuts).


Yeah, same.

That’s on my list (especially since The Housing of Haunted Hill).

I enjoyed that one, but yes very mad.



It was mostly hearing Thomas Jane speak with that southern accent though. :crazy_face:


An author reading their own book can be really great too.

Here is Harlan Ellison reading his “I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream” which he reads amazingly!

Anyone who played the game based on this is of course very familar with his voice since he lent it to AM himself there!


Finally finished all 110 stories in this great collection. Since I gave already individidual reviews of certain stories I´ll just try to list my personal standouts below marking * those that I had read before elsewhere.

  • Alfred Kubin - The Other Side (excerpt)*
  • Algernon Blackwood - The Willows
  • Hanns Heins Ewers - The Spider
  • Ryunosuke Akutagawa - The Hell Screen*
  • Francis Stevens - Unseen - Unfeared
  • Franz Kafka - In The Penal Colony*
  • H.F. Arnold - The Night Wire
  • H.P. Lovecraft - The Dunwich Horror*
  • Hugh Walpole - The Tarn
  • Donald Wollheim - Mimic
  • Ray Bradbury - The Crowd
  • Shirley Jackson - The Summer People
  • Jeromy Bixby - It´s a Good Life
  • Charles Beaumont - The Howling Man
  • Michel Bernanos - The Other Side Of The Mountain
  • Daphne DuMaurier - Don´t Look Now
  • George R.R. Martin - Sandkings
  • F. Paul Wilson - Soft
  • Clive Barker - In The Hills, The Cities*
  • Harlan Ellison - The Function Of Dream Sleep
  • Haruki Murakami - The Ice Man
  • Stephen King - The Man in the Black Suit
  • Neil Gaiman - Feeders and Eaters
  • Brian Evenson - The Brotherhood of Mutilation
  • Steve Duffy - In The Lion´s Den

With over 110 stories in 6 weeks it is possible I forgot some again. But those are the ones that stuck with me and I´m sure it might be worth rediscovering this fine selection again and again in the future!

Too bad such a small part of them has been made into films or TV episodes. There hide some amazing visuals between those pages.

I love the mysterious and unexplained far from classic fantastic horror tropes and this one had tones of those. Avoiding clichées more often than not, combinging the classics with the obscure.

Overalla a great and highly recommended read! :+1:



This was a typo, but I wish it wasn´t, because I likea!


Barbarella in overalls?


:+1: .


Got myself something from the “If I would send presents to @PiecesOfKate this would be one of them” department.

Check out the photo gallery!


Oh! I totally flicked through this book in the gift shop at the Wellcome Collection! I recognise those pictures :skull:


Hah! I knew it! :relaxed:


More immersive? Really? Don’t you get distracted by the surroundings? I definitely would.
And I like reading because I can follow my pace. The pace of the reader of an audiobook is usually too much slow for me. But, on the contrary, while reading sometimes I have to go back through some passages, and it is not so easy while listening.
That’s ONE of the reasons I’m a fan of @Sushi’s transcriptions.


Therefore it does work out to a reasonable extent. :wink: Also don’t forget that you can speed it up.

I don’t really get the more immersive personally. Differently immersive, perhaps.

Anyway, it does work well for me in a foreign language when you combine text + audiobook. I’ve read some French books with audio support on some chapters here and there. Part of the key is to use a player like mpv that makes it really easy to pause, go back five seconds, etc. With my old mp3 player I find it more bothersome, and with my phone (without a hardware back button) positively horrible.

I do listen to a fair bit of podcasts, more in contexts where for the most part it doesn’t matter to me if I fail to catch a bit. Like Stuff You Should Know or BBC Documentaries.


Not as much as with a book. The headphones help block the sound out. I guess I’m speaking more in terms of annoying sounds than visual distraction, but I tend to just gaze out the window.

At home I prefer reading books, though.




:rofl:I’m coming to eat you!


I have to echo that. With a book I can quickly skim over boring sections, or re-read paragraphs that exhibit linguistic genius with ease. That aside, some early experiments revealed that listening to an audiobook would require the same level of concentration as reading; attempting it while riding my bike to work would likely get me killed. And in the comfort of my home, I prefer a book.

Apropos books. Just finished book one of the Lyonesse trilogy by Jack Vance. It was off to a very slow start, so the first 120 pages or so took me a week and some perseverance. The rest was quite gripping. All in all it did not quite reach the class of The Eyes of the Overworld or Cugel’s Saga, though I cannot say if this is in part because I read those in English, while I have a German copy of Lyonesse. It’s definitely more serious and less fantastic than the Dying Earth stories.

My copy is also from a period where some publishers found it a good idea to bury advertisements between the pages. Some of my old Discworld novels have that too. The nerve of these people … I mean look


I’d post a picture, but my phone is refusing to upload due to low battery. Stay tuned…


Okay, here we go.


Seems your copy has seen some pretty good use :slight_smile:. Can’t wait to start The Green Pearl tonight.