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Also stuck in the sewer (but I know my alphabet!)

Hi all,

So, I’m stuck in the sewer. However, I can read the graffiti and I can find the name in the phone book (above ground). The problem is that I can’t call it. Here’s my situation…

  • Female agent stuck in sewer, male above ground.
  • Female agent has vacuum tube but got taken to the sewer before I could give it to the pigeons.
  • Water still flowing from hydrant so male agent cannot get to the Quickie Pal. I think.
  • Male agent has the dime coin but cannot give it to the female agent.

I cannot pass anything between the two agents, or get them talking, as I can’t get to that side of town. I also cannot get a spare vacuum tube from the former cake shop as there’s no dialog left.

What should I do? Do I just have to start again?

@FatBloke Welcome! Thank you for vindicating what I wrote in Under development adventure games that are worth a mention :wink:

I don’t quite recall any specifics I’m afraid. Did you fully explore the town again, including parts and buildings you may have already visited?


You don’t have to.

Something you wrote makes me think you read the solution or asked for hints, but you still can’t find your way out.
I mean you know the quickie pal room might be useful, even if you haven’t seen it yet. So you know something you shouldn’t know.
Let me tell you this: don’t let the solution you read throw you off the course.
Explore the town.
The solution is much easier than you think. I don’t wanna spoil it, since it is so easy you’ll blame yourself if I’ll reveal it.
Let me know.


How do you know there is a Quickie Pal then?

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Okay, you got me :wink:

I don’t know about the Quickie Pal…at least, not in the game. But I had a good search through this forum before posting, so I had an inkling that there might be a manhole/grating near the Quickie Pal, which I figured was in the part of town that I couldn’t access.

Intriguing! Thanks for that. I will explore the town again, from start to finish, and see what I can find.

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