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Lady is stuck in sewer


The lady agents hit in the alley and is now in the sewer and can’t get out. Is this a dead end that will require me to start over? I am playing in casual mode.


No, this isn’t a dead end <although I haven’t played it in casual mode>. First, are you aware there is an in-game hint system?

For a subtle, hint - click here: Did you find a room in the sewers with a message on one of the walls?


Yes, I found the room with the phone and I also found the dime. I can’t get anyone to answer the phone. The number on the wall looks like 7000 but that must be wrong as well. I wasn’t aware of the in game hint system. How do I access that?


Can you take a screenshot the graffiti in the sewer? It should be a name not a number. You may be reading or looking up the name incorrectly.

Also, there should be flyers posted around the town talking about the HINT line with the number. I can’t remember the number now, but it’s typing the digits corresponding to H. I. N. T on the phone.



I’ll wait for you to respond with more information requested by others but I wanted to add something to put your mind at ease:

There are no dead-ends in this game.

Honest, really. None.

I know the game was thoroughly tested by lots of people. I even participated in the iOS beta programme and played the game over and over and over and can attest that there is always a solution to every puzzle.

If you get stuck asking for a hint here can be useful, but I more recommend the in-game hint line. It offers progressive aid, starting very slightly hints and going as deep as you need to until giving you the answer.



(except for THAT THING, but it’s intentional, and the player is warned three times).


Dead Ends and dying are two seperate things.


And even then, no need to go back to a saved game, AFAIR. Either way, that is just an end. A dead end is where you don’t know what to do and you keep wandering aimlessly for hours while it is impossible to progress, due to bad game design/bugs, but the game won’t tell you. Basically, when the game is just another walking simulator.


True, but how would you call that hint line if you don’t have mobile phone reception in the sewers?

I didn’t try myself, as I didn’t play the build with the hintline nor on casual mode yet.


I think at this point in the game you won´t find any other usable phones, yet.

However, I might imagning things but I also believe that additional usal phones were added (like in Ransome´s dressing room) where they were none before specifially to make the hint line more accesible.


If you mean the button - you are even forced to safe before you can trigger it. :grin:


I don´t think you are forced. Try it a couple of times.


I remember being forced to. But this happened once. After I was asked to save and saved no more warnings are triggered after that point. Looks like a variable is set. (Actually this is kind of hack of the engine.)
In terms of rareness and implementation this is not unsimilar to the mooning of Commander Keen in Keen4 when you stand on a crescent moon on the floor and he moons. Once. If you save after that he won’t do it ever again. You have to have a savegame before that to see it. Of course with YouTube you can watch it again and again. :sweat_smile:


I can’t find the name in the phone book, I have looked at every page! Is the male agent supposed to do something before you can find the number?


No, it may be that you are misreading the name. I remember one time I could not find the name, and it was because the graffiti was difficult to read. Can you provide a screen shot, or say what name you see?


It looks like Benjamin “boob” Tomlison. I have checked every page that has an o&m for the second two letters and I have found nothing.


My book has this entry:



Ah, maybe you were trying to look up by the last name?


WHAT. :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: